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Donkey Kong’s trusty partner Diddy Kong uses his light weight and agility to get around quickly! For his Final Smash, Diddy takes to the air with his Rocketbarrel while firing his popguns. The final hit is seriously powerful!
—Description from the Super Smash Blog.

Diddy Kong (ドンキーコング, Donkey Kong) is a veteran fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, first playable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He was confirmed to return on June 12, 2018 during E3 2018.

When unlocked, he is fought at Kongo Falls.



  • Fast dash speed.
  • High range for many attacks.
  • Can crawl, wall jump, and wall cling.
  • Great ground to air combo game.
  • Powerful combo throws.
  • Decent damage and knockback for most of his attacks.
  • Great edge-guard game.
  • Peanut Popgun and Banana Peel are two versatile projectiles.
  • A close range overcharged Peanut Popgun can deal extremely high knockback.
  • High recovery with Rocketbarrel Boost being able to be angled.
  • Down Aerial and Monkey Flip when used in the air can Meteor Smash.


  • Has one of the lowest air speeds in the game.
  • Banana Peels can be picked up and used by opponents.
  • Overcharging the Peanut Popgun will cause it to misfire, leaving Diddy vulnerable and causes him to take damage from it.
  • Easy target to combos since he is a fast-faller.
  • Very predictable recovery that is easy to intercept.
  • Diddy's Rocketbarrel will detach from him if he is hit, leaving him vulnerable.


Changes from SSBWU/3DS


  • Diddy Kong's hat now pops off during many actions.

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral attack now ends with a quick kick instead of a rapid tail attack, though it is possible he can now pick between the two.

Aerial Attacks

Grabs and Throws

Special Attacks

  • Diddy Kong‘s Final Smash, Rocketbarrel Barrage has changed, now under the name of Hyper Rocket Barrel. Instead of flying around and shooting peanuts with his Jetpack, Diddy jets around the stage in different directions, trying to hit the fighters, which culminates in Diddy aiming his jetpack towards the fighter that was hit the most, causing it to explode on impact, giving the affected fighter knockback.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: Two slaps and a kick followed by a rapid tail attack that culminates with a tail flick.
  • Forward Tilt: Leans forward on one leg while punching both fists forward.
  • Up Tilt: An arcing headbutt.
  • Down Tilt (Hand Clap): A crouching clap.
  • Dash Attack: A cartwheel.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: A spinning slap followed by a punch.
  • Up Smash: A cartwheel followed by a punch.
  • Down Smash: A sweeping kick.

Other attacks

  • Floor Attack (Front): A kick to both sides.
  • Floor Attack (Back): A kick to both sides.
  • Floor Attack (Trip): A kick to both sides.
  • Ledge Attack: A tail flick.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: A cartwheel.
  • Forward aerial (Screw Kick): A corkscrew dropkick.
  • Back aerial: A kick.
  • Up aerial: A bicycle kick.
  • Down aerial: A double axe-handle punch.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: Headbutts the opponent.
  • Forward Throw: Tosses his opponent forwards.
  • Back Throw: Tosses his opponent backwards.
  • Up Throw: Handstand kicks his opponent into
  • Down Throw: Leapfrogs over his opponent.

Special Moves

Diddy Kong's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Peanut Popgun
Side Special Monkey Flip
Up Special Rocketbarrel Boost
Down Special Banana Peel
Final Smash Rocketbarrel Barrage Hyper Rocket Barrel


  • Up Taunt: Tosses his hat into the air and lets it land on his head.
  • Side Taunt: Cackles while assuming a playful fighter's stance.
  • Down Taunt: Performs four overhead claps while switching feet for each clap.

On-Screen Appearance

Idle Poses

Victory Poses

In competitive play

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Classic Mode: Hey, Little Buddy!

Diddy Kong's opponents are villains with "little buddies" of their own. In some cases, the opponent's partner will be a stage hazard. To reflect this, Diddy Kong will have a partner for every round except for the bonus round.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Bowser and Bowser Jr. Princess Peach's Castle King Bowser - Super Mario Bros. 3 Mario is a CPU ally.
2 Meta Ridley and Dark Samus Norfair Nemesis Ridley Zero Suit Samus is a CPU ally.
3 Ganondorf Unova Pokemon League Death Mountain Zelda is a CPU ally.
4 Mewtwo Spear Pillar Battle! (Dialga/Palkia) / Spear Pillar Pokemon Trainer is a CPU ally.
5 King Dedede and Meta Knight Fountain of Dreams King Dedede's Theme (Brawl) Kirby is a CPU ally.
6 King K. Rool Jungle Japes King K. Rool / Ship Deck 2 Donkey Kong is a CPU ally.
Final Master Hand and Crazy Hand Final Destination Master Hand / Crazy Hand Donkey Kong is a CPU ally.

Role in World of Light

Diddy Kong was among the fighters that were summoned to fight the army of Master Hands.

Diddy Kong was present on the cliffside when Galeem unleashed its beams of light. He attempted to fly away with Rosalina & Luma using his activated Rocketbarrel Pack, but a beam of light hit him and he was vaporized and placed under Galeem's imprisonment along with the other fighters, excluding Kirby.

To find Diddy Kong, the player must access the Kongo Jungle sub-area reminiscent of the first Donkey Kong Country game, where he's found right at the end.

Palette Swaps

Diddy Kong Palette (SSBU)


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