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Diddy Kong (ディディーコング, Diidī Kongu) is a character for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He is armed with the Peanut Popgun and Rocketbarrel Boost from Donkey Kong 64.

Pros and Cons


  • Good speed.
  • Many quick attacks with a fair bit of power
  • Very solid Down-Air Spike.
  • Two kinds of projectiles.
  • Banana Peels limit opponent's maneuverability and provide a great Glide Toss option.
  • Can string together combos well.
  • Can Wall cling.
  • Can Crawl.
  • Good aerial game.
  • If used before his 2nd jump, his Side-B can be proceded by his second jump and allow him to use his Up-B. This works as a sort of "4th jump".
  • When Up-B is fully charged, it covers a great distance.
  • Strong Dash attack canceling with Upsmash.
  • Peanut Popgun goes very fast and far when sufficiently charged.
  • Up-B has spike potential when opponent is located at the bottom of the barrels.
  • Can Diddycide.
  • Along with powerful throws, his grab range is great for a small target.
  • Has nearly no lag after dash attack.


  • Easily knocked around.
  • Lacks range.
  • Peanut Popgun peanuts are weak, may arc straight over opponents and is slow if not charged.
  • Vulnerable while charging Peanut Popgun.
  • Opponents can catch flying peanuts from Peanut Popgun and can use them against Diddy as items.
  • If hit during his Up-B recovery, he is incapable of using it again immediately.
  • Over-reliant on spikes to gain early kills.
  • His bananas can be used against him.
  • His attacks are on the weaker side, making it difficult to kill opponents at low percentages.
  • Aerials have very little range
  • Very predictable recovery.
  • Very vulnerable while charging his Up-B.
  • If Up-B hits a wall or ceiling the Rocketbarrels explode which causes Diddy to bounce off the object, deals 5% damage to him and puts him in the helpless state. (This explosion also has a decent sized hitbox and can damage opponents)

Standard Moves

Ground Attacks

  • Dash A - Does a cartwheel spin, resembling the one from the Donkey Kong Country games.
  • Neutral A - Slaps twice, then turns around. Lifts a foot and repeatedly hits spins his tail for damage.
  • Forward Tilt - Places both arms together above his head. Stands on one foot, leaning to the side and punching with both fists together above his head.
  • Down Tilt - While crouching, slaps forward. His hand appears to grow for the duration of this attack. Appears to have a set knockback.
  • Up Tilt - Sticks one hand above his head and hops a little. Quick, and a good combo starter
  • Forward Smash - Spins, slapping forward twice, the first hit just leaving them there and the second hit having large knockback.
  • Up Smash - Hops a little and does a sort of cartwheel, hitting three to four times.
  • Down Smash - Breakdancing sweep kick, similar to Mario's

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Sticks out hands and feet and spins, similar to Kirby, but slower-spinning. Appears to hit only once, and with a decent amount of knockback, making this a sex-kick like move.
  • Up Aerial - Overhead Flip Kick. Decent knockback, fairly fast.
  • Forward Aerial - Kicks both feet forward, similar to Mario's back Aerial. Good knockback.
  • Back Aerial - Sticks leg out and spins it behind him. Similar to Samus's back Aerial, but with less knockback.
  • Down Aerial - Punches both arms down, spiking.

Grabs and Throws

  • Forward Throw - Tosses opponent forward.
  • Up Throw - Throws opponent up and kicks them.
  • Back Throw - Tosses opponent backward.
  • Down Throw - Performs a leap-frog-like maneuver and throws the opponent underneath him. Has fairly powerful backwards knockback.
  • Pummel - Headbutts them, angled from the side of his body.

Special Moves


Strategies & Tips

  • Diddy is very good at racking up damage on an opponent. He doesn't have many moves that can KO at low percents except for his spikes, so learn how to combo well to build up damage so that you don't need to rely on your spikes for KOs.
  • Monkey Flip is a very useful move when approaching. The ability to grab or attack with this move opens up considerable possibilities when approaching an opponent who is either attacking or defending. The kick of the move also has incredible priority and can negate almost any projectile attack without Diddy losing his momentum.
  • Rocketbarrel Boost should not be underestimated as an attacking option. It can follow up any attack of Diddy's that has vertical knockback, and has enough knockback to knock most opponents away far enough to avoid having your helpless state abused. If Diddy is hit after executing the attack, the barrels will still rocket away and, if they hit, are an incredibly powerful attack.
  • Use banana peels cautiously. Though they can help severely limit your opponent's movements, your opponent can also pick up the bananas and use them on you, severely limiting your movements.
  • Learn to use the peanut popgun against recovering opponents. The peanuts can severely limit an opponent's recovery options if aimed well. This is most noticable against Pit, who will not be able to recover anymore if successfully hit during Wings of Icarus, but this can also push other opponents out of the range of their recovery move if the shots are well aimed.
  • Make use of his low lag after his dash attack - Do a dash attack, then smash up (Up on the c-stick using the gamecube controller) for a easy guaranteed combo at low percentage, use this as a combo starter.

Role in the Subspace Emissary

When Donkey Kong has three Bullet Bills fired at him by the vehicle escaping with his banana horde, Diddy Kong leaps from behind DK and unleashes his Peanut Popguns onto the Bullet Bills, destroying them. He then joins Donkey Kong in pursuit of their stolen bananas. At one point, after getting their bananas, they encounter Bowser, who aims the Dark Cannon at the two. DK, realizing what is about to happen, then Giant punches Diddy, sending him flying away as DK is shot and captured. [1]

Later, Diddy Kong comes out of the forest to a lake. When he gets to the lake where a crashed Arwing is seen, Rayquaza comes out of the water and grabs Diddy Kong. Then Fox jumps out of the Arwing which is now on fire due to an attack from Rayquaza. He uses his Fox Illusion and his Reflector to send Rayquaza back into the lake and save Diddy Kong. Fox then makes a hand signal for Diddy to come with him.

Later, Diddy gets hit by Bowser's Dark Cannon and is cloned by Shadowbugs, Falco though arrives just in time and destroys the Dark Cannon, Bowser gets away in his Koopa Clown Car while the Shadowbug Diddy grows twice it's normal size. Fox revives Diddy who is shocked at what has happened. Diddy and the two Starfox pilots fight Giant Shadowbug Diddy. After the fight, Falco joins Diddy and Fox as they continue through the jungle. Eventually they see Donkey Kong's trophy on a ship in chains. Diddy is mad at this as he, Fox and Falco board the Great Fox.

Later, Diddy meets up with Captain Falcon & Olimar who resue Donkey Kong from his trophy form. Diddy is ejected out of Falco's arwing & Diddy shoots peanuts at the Primids on the skiff. He lands on the skiff while Captain Falcon & Olimar jump to little chimp. Diddy, Dk, and Both Captains then fight a horde of Primid on the little platform. After they have defeated them Diddy & Donkey do a little dance as Falcon & Olimar watch. As Falco puts a thumbs-up to Diddy, he gives a Thank-you screech. They four then head into the Subspace Bomb Factory.

Diddy tries to stop the R.O.Bs that set off Subspace Bombs. Captain Falcon calls his Falcon Flyer to escape the doomed factory. They all pile into the ship while Meta Ridley appears. Diddy could be chosen to fight this boss. After Meta Ridley is Defeated Diddy helps the heroes as the continue their journey into Subspace.

At the entrance to Subspace all the characters (except Wario, Dedede, Luigi, Ness, Ganondorf, Wolf, Toon Link, Jigglypuff, and Sonic)are all preparing to invade the subspace. After Ganondorf is defeated by Tabuu, Diddy and the rest of the heroes catch a glimpse of the evil power among them. In a single blow Tabuu captures all of the characters and turned them into trophies. He is later revived by Kirby, Ness, King Dedede and Luigi and joins them to defeat Tabuu.


  • When playing as Diddy Kong on light mode, charging his up-b in the air causes him to float up, as if the gravity was reversed.

Special Movements


Up: Throws his hat into the air and catches it on his head.

Side: Makes an odd martial arts pose and screeches threateningly.

Down: Dances and claps his hands above his head.

On-Screen Appearance

Breaks out of a DK barrel.

Victory Pose

  • Shoots the air with his Peanut Popguns
  • Spins with his Rocket Barrels then faces the screen, dancing with hands on his head and chin
  • Does a small dance, then holds still in a breakdance-like pose, clapping his feet together

Wii Remote Choice

A sound like the Peanut Popgun shooting is heard, and Diddy makes a monkey noise.

Credits Music

  • King K. Rool/Ship Deck 2

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