Dharkon, the embodiment of chaos and darkness, is one of the two main antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s story mode, World of Light, where unlike Galeem, who sought to create a new world, he seeks to destroy it instead. He leads an army of Crazy Hands which destroy the Master Hands, after Dharkon emerges. Dharkon appears after you defeat Galeem as the main boss of the World of Dark.


Physical Appearance

Dharkon looks similar to Galeem, however, there are some noticeable differences. Dharkon has demon-like colours, his core is an eyeball, and has branch-like thorny tentacles.

Role in World of Light

Dharkon makes his first appearance following the defeat of Galeem at the hands of Kirby and his army of fighters. Sensing the defeat of his counterpart, Dharkon strikes, seizing control of Galeem’s remaining captive and puppet fighters, as well as a massive army of Crazy Hands comparable to Galeem’s own Master Hands. Galeem makes a hasty getaway, knowing he is no match for Dharkon in his current state. Dharkon retreats into a haphazardly formed dimension known as the Dark Realm, to gather forces in preparation of Galeem’s return, rather than pursuing the wayward lord of light. Kirby and the freed fighters chase Dharkon into the Dark Realm, choosing the lesser of two evils over the weak Galeem. Dharkon and his newly commanded dark Spirits and captive fighters to halt the forces of Kirby, but ultimately fails, despite enlisting the help of the empowered Marx, Dracula, and Ganon, in addition to several Crazy Hand clones. With the defeat of his bosses, Dharkon is forced to make a reappearance, and faces the fighters. Although he is much more aggressive in battle than Galeem, he is soon defeated. Enraged, he retreats into the final realm--the Final Battle. Sensing an opportunity, Galeem returns from hiding to chase down the weakened Dharkon, with Kirby and the army in hot pursuit. With their dwindling forces put to work, Kirby’s army rapidly decimates the light and dark spirits, destroying two Master and Crazy Hand clones and freeing the original Master Hand and Crazy Hand. The Hands determine a common enemy, and forms a rift in reality between Galeem and Dharkon. The way the story ends is determined based on the player’s choice from this point.


  • Dharkon's English name is a corruption of the word "darken".
    • In Japan, Dharkon has his name changed to Darz.
  • His design comes from a typical lovecraftian horror.
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