Grow devil wings and rise upward. You can move slightly to the left or right. While you are rising, you can attack opponents with the claws on the wings.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List.

Devil Wings is Kazuya's up special move.


In his Devil form, Kazuya will use his wings to propel himself straight upwards, the trajectory of which can be guided during the ascension. After reaching the apex of his flight, he will slowly float back down, which can also be guided. Kazuya's launching ascent is also a powerful attack itself, strong enough to K.O. opponents much like Rocket Jump.

Kazuya will not fall into a Helpless state after performing the move, allowing him to move around and attack after he begins his descent. However, it can only be done once in the air before he lands back on solid ground. It also cannot be comboed into itself or Devil Fist in the air.


An example of Kazuya using his wings for flight, seen here in Shaheen's arcade ending in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution.

Devil Wings in an original attack made for Smash, as Tekken is primarily a ground-based fighting game and lacks and sort of aerial mobility. However, it is inspired by several flight-based attacks Devil and Angel can perform, namely Reverse Devil Blaster and Heaven's Door. Both Devil Jin and Devil Kazuya have also been seen using their wings for flight, but only in story cutscenes.


Kazuya's Special Moves
Standard Special Devil Blaster
Side Special Devil Fist
Up Special Devil Wings
Down Special Heaven's Door
Final Smash Final Blaster
Fighter Ability Rage (Kazuya)