A charged punch that will pass through the opponent it hits. If the beginning of the attack hits, it will immobilize the opponent.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List.

Devil Fist is Kazuya's side special move.


In his Devil form, Kazuya performs a punch that moves him forward. Though it can be performed far away from an opponent, it will only launch them upwards. Instead, for the full effect of the attack, Kazuya must be next to the opponent; if done so, Kazuya will phase straight through the fighter, where they will be stunned and crumple (similar to a Focus Attack), giving Kazuya a combo opportunity. However, much like Fox Illusion, the attack will be rendered useless if the opponent is Shielded - though it can still do significant Shield damage.

Kazuya can also perform Devil Fist in the air, but the phasing effect will not occur. He can also use it for horizontal recovery, as he travels a great distance in his forward propulsion; however, it can only be used once before he lands back on solid ground.


Devil Fist as it appears in Tekken 7.

Devil Fist is an attack first introduced in Tekken Tag Tournament that could only be used by Devil and Angel. It is typically a medium-range hit that does 20-30 damage, with the crumbling after-effect not being introduced until Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Kazuya wouldnt be able to use this move until Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 7, where it became part of his Devil Transformation stance ability.


Kazuya's Special Moves
Standard Special Devil Blaster
Side Special Devil Fist
Up Special Devil Wings
Down Special Heaven's Door
Final Smash Final Blaster
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