Mario dashing.

Dashing is a form of ground movement faster than walking. It is performed by tapping sideways on the control stick. The player's character enters his or her initial dash animation and then proceeds to his or her running animation. In Brawl, a character attempting to dash can Prat Fall instead. The Bunny Hood item increases a character's running speed.

Initial Dash

The initial dash is the first part of a character's dash during which a character can change directions with very little lag. The concept of the initial dash is vital to many forms of ground movement, such as dash-dancing, fox-trotting and pivoting.

In Brawl, during the initial dash, there is a small chance that the character will trip. The more often a character dashes, the higher the chance of tripping (this can be lowered again by not dashing).

Out of the initial dash, some actions can be done. These include: jumping, attacking with a Dash Attack, Up Smash, or Forward Smash, or starting another dash (this is the basic move for Dash Dancing, Pivoting and Fox-Trotting).

stutter step is a technique for when a player dashes but then stops before they actually run.

Running Speed

Running Speed is the rate at which a character can run.

SSB Rankings

Taken from Antdgar's Frame Data

SSBM Rankings


SSBB Rankings

Note: Several slow runners have a dash attack to move a far distance quickly, and some characters have a DACUS to increase mobility.

SSBWU/3DS Rankings

It should be noted, however, that throughout the multiple online updates made on Smash for 3DS/Wii U, with multiple characters having their dashing speeds either increased or decreased. As a result, the dashing speeds of multiple characters in version 1.1.5 are noticeably different than the dashing speeds of the same characters in the initial version of the game.

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