The Dark Pit Staff (ブラピの狙杖, Blapi's Aiming Staff) is Dark Pit's Final Smash.


When initiating, Dark Pit will shout out, "It's time!" or "Goodbye!", and takes out his personal staff to fire a single beam that pierces all opponents in front of him. Getting caught in the initial shot deals 1% damage and locks the opponent in place. Dark Pit then proceeds to fire off a more powerful beam, which deals heavy knockback. The main attack also deals more damage to closer opponents, with 39% inflicted to the opponent closest, followed by 29% and 21% for further opponents. Dark Pit Staff can be chained into Dark Pit’s back throw.

The move is similar to Zelda and Sheik's Final Smash, Light Arrow, as the screen freezes while launching the attack as well as the camera zooming in to any opponent struck. However, like Light Arrow, Dark Pit Staff can only trap opponents straight in front of Dark Pit, so opponents with high vertical mobility can potentially avoid the single beam, particularly if it is used on the ground.

Trophy Description

Wii U

In Kid Icarus: Uprising, Dark Pit used this staff to snipe at Pit from a mountaintop. In that game, it did much more damage when used at a distance. In this game, Dark Pit uses it to launch a high-speed horizontal blast that goes straight through obstacles. It can hit multiple foes in a row, but only the first will feel its full force.


This weapon may be called a staff, but it actually does better shooting powerful shots at targets at long rage. Like Dark Pit, this staff was created by the Mirror of Truth. If Pit were to use it, he'd probably feel lingering echoes of his clone's warped personality.


The Dark Pit Staff was used by Dark Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising during Chapter 6, and later it can be obtained by Pit. The staff's charged shot does four times the damage at its longest range as it does up close. Continuous fire is also powerful but lacks size and range.

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Up Special Power of Flight
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