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"The burning red Danger Zones are as dangerous as their name implies. Touch them with more than 100% damage, and you'll be instantly KO'd." -- Tips for safety around Danger Zones

Danger Zones, are red walls making their first appearance in The Great Cave Offensive stage and Smash Run final battles in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


Danger Zones spell horrible doom for their victim in the Smash Run of the 3DS version. Whoever touches them will die instantly. The racing and climbing Final Battles that can occur after the Smash Run's main event have danger zones that disappear upon their activation. In the Wii U version, Danger Zones have their behaviour changed: inflicting great damage to the character that touches them, and if it is someone with over 100% damage, the target will be instantly K.O.. Danger Zones take their colour design from red lava. Danger Zones retain their vehaviour in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, although their target takes bludgeoning damage instead of fire damage.

In Classic Mode, in a fight against Master Fortress, green walls with the same properties as a Danger Zone will appear in the insides of fortress.


  • Danger Zones trace their origin to the dangerous lava pools in Kirby Super Star's (and Ultra's) Great Cave Offensive
  • Certain Final Smashes and hazards have similar properties to Danger Zones.
  • According to the Prima Games Guide for Super Smash Bros. 4's Wii U version, Danger Zones will instantly kill a target who accumulates 125% or more as a result of their effect. Hacking the game to change how much damage you take coming into contact with them, however, will make this untrue.