Dancing Blade

The first strike of the Dancing Blade

Dancing Blade is Marth's Smash B. It's a unique special move, as it consists of four different attacks chained together; a variety of combos can be performed depending on ones tilt on the joystick for each attack. This makes it one of exceptionally few attacks in the series which relies on this type of input - most attacks require only one direction. It is, however, common in other fighting games.

The options on the tilts lead to 18 possible combinations, as there is always the standard attack, followed by the second, third, and fourth attack. The second attack has two options and the third and fourth have three.



In Melee, the first attack is often used to gain horizontal recovery. Also in Melee, Marth would glow a color as he used his attacks, but in Brawl, the attacks simply change the motion trail of his sword. They are Blue for Up, Red for Neutral and Green for Down. It was quite unlikely that Marth would have to use all four attacks, since both the third and fourth strikes had much higher knockback than the first and second. In Brawl, the knockback on the third strike is decreased, allowing for better combos.

This attack is basically the same as his Melee clone Roy´s Double-Edge Dance. However, unlike Double-Edge Dance, Marth's strikes increase in damage, while the damage of Roy's decreases.



Dancing Blade has seen quite a few changes since Melee. First of all, the timing no longer matters, so it can be performed easily. If the first hit connects, it is nearly impossible to escape the rest of the combo when the timing is fast enough. The final can either be 2 kill moves at high percentages (up and forward) or a quick damage racker (down). The third hit is still a meteor smash, but only if not sweetspotted. However, the move aids Marth's recovery less than the previous game.

This move is considered to be one of, if not, the best move in Brawl on Smashboards.


  • By repeatedly using the first attack of Dancing Blade, Marth can rise into the air during a Tiny, Light Special Brawl or in the Flying transformation of Pokémon Stadium 2.
  • Falling off a conveyor belt while using any the first, any of the third or the forward version of the fourth attack gives Marth great horizontal acceleration. The attack that makes him fastest is the up version of the third attack. Note that this works not only for Marth but is most noticeable with him.

Marth's Special Moves
Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Shield Breaker
Side Special Dancing Blade
Up Special Dolphin Slash
Down Special Counter
Final Smash Critical Hit
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