A Dash Attack Canceled Up Smash (also known as DACUS) is when a character intiates a dash attack and immediately inputs an Up Smash right after the dash attack. Although this takes practice to do consistently, it is easiest to do on the GameCube controller.

When a DACUS is initiated, the character will slide across the stage (quicker than if he/she was dashing or walking) while doing or charging an Up Smash. This is most notable with Snake as he slides approximately 3/4 of the way across Final Destination with his DACUS.

Characters that can noticeably DACUS

How to perform

To do a DACUS on the GameCube controller, the most well-known and/or easiest way is to initiate a dash, push down on the C-stick to start the dash attack and press up on the control stick and press Z at the same time to cancel into an up smash. Another method involves using R instead of Z if R is set to attack.

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