Kirby's custom moves.

Custom Moves are a feature in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U which allow the player to customize each character's special moves. Almost all characters initially only have one of each regular special move available, with the other two variations of each move having to be acquired from finding Custom Parts.

The exceptions are Palutena and the Mii Fighters, which their custom moves are already unlocked. Players can obtain Custom Moves by completing Classic Mode, All-Star Mode, Smash Run, Smash Tour, Master and Crazy Orders. amiibo also have a set of Custom Moves that can be used.

The only characters that do not have custom moves are Downloadable Characters, although only Mewtwo was planned to have them; it is unknown why they were cut., though it was most likely due to time constraints, as creating new Custom Moves would delay the release of the character.

Obtaining all Custom Moves is one of the 140 Challenges in Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Obtaining all Custom Moves is also one of the 105 challenges the Nintendo 3DS version as well. Both challenges can be completed by using a Golden Hammer.

Custom Moves make a return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; however, they are now exclusive to the Mii Fighters.

List of Custom Moves

With the exception of Palutena and the Mii Fighters (who have all of them available at the start) and Downloadable characters (which have only their default special moves), each character can obtain 8 Custom Moves, for a total of 376 collectible Custom Moves.

Character Neutral Side Up Down
Mario Fast Fireball Shocking Cape Super Jump Scalding F.L.U.D.D.
Fire Orb Gust Cape Explosive Punch High-Pressure F.L.U.D.D.
Luigi Bouncing Fireball Floating Missile Fiery Jump Punch Mach Cyclone
Iceball Quick Missile Burial Header Clothesline Cyclone
Peach Sleepy Toad Flower Bomber Parasol High Jump Light Veggie
Grumpy Toad Flying Peach Bomber Light Parasol Heavy Veggie
Bowser Fire Shot Dash Slam Flying Fortress Turbulent Bomb
Fire Roar Dash Slash Sliding Fortress Slip Bomb
Yoshi Lick Heavy Egg Roll High Jump Star Bomb
Egg Launch Light Egg Roll Timed Egg Throw Crushing Bomb
Rosalina & Luma Luma Warp Floaty Star Bit Launch Star Plus Catch & Release
Power Luma Shot Shooting Star Bit Launch Star Attack Guardian Luma
Bowser Jr. Piercing Cannon Koopa Drift Meteor Ejection Impatient Mechakoopa
Air Cannon Grounding Dash Koopa Meteor Big Mechakoopa
Wario Inhaling Chomp Speeding Bike Widescrew Rose-Scented Waft
Garlic Breath Burying Bike Corkscrew Leap Quick Waft
Donkey Kong Lightning Punch Jumping Headbutt Chopper Kong Focused Slap
Storm Punch Stubborn Headbutt Kong Cyclone Hot Slap
Diddy Kong Exploding Popgun Back Flip Rocketbarrel Attack Shocking Banana Peel
Jumbo Peanuts Flying Monkey Flip Rocketbarrel Kaboom Battering Banana Peel
Mr. Game & Watch XXL Chef Extreme Judge Heavy Trampoline Efficient Panic
Short-Order Chef Chain Judge Trampoline Launch Panic Overload
Little Mac Flaming Straight Lunge Grounding Blow Tornado Uppercut Compact Counter
Shocking Straight Lunge Guard Breaker Rising Smash Dash Counter
Link Power Bow Boomerang Shocking Spin Giant Bomb
Quickfire Bow Ripping Boomerang Whirling Leap Meteor Bomb
Zelda Nayru's Rejection Din's Flare Farore's Squall Phantom Breaker
Nayru's Passion Din's Blaze Farore's Windfall Phantom Strike
Sheik Penetrating Needle Gravity Grenade Gale Jellyfish
Paralyzing Needle Skimming Grenade Abyss Pisces
Ganondorf Warlock Blade Flame Wave Dark Fists Wizard's Dropkick
Warlock Thrust Flame Chain Dark Vault Wizard's Assault
Toon Link Fire Arrow Floating Boomerang Sliding Spin Attack Time Bomb
Piercing Arrow High-Speed Boomerang Flying Spin Attack Short-Fuse Bomb
Samus Dense Charge Shot Relentless Missile Screw Rush Slip Bomb
Melee Charge Shot Turbo Missile Apex Screw Attack Mega Bomb
Zero Suit Samus Blast Shot Plasma Dash Impact Kick Shooting Star Flip Kick
Electromagnetic Net Whip Lash Lateral Kick Low Flip
Pit Piercing Bow Interception Arm Striking Flight Impact Orbitars
Guiding Bow Quickdash Arm Breezy Flight Amplifying Orbitars
Marth Storm Thrust Effortless Blade Crescent Slash Easy Counter
Dashing Assault Heavy Blade Dolphin Jump Iai Counter
Ike Tempest Close Combat Aether Drive Paralyzing Counter
Furious Eruption Unyielding Blade Aether Wave Smash Counter
Robin Thunder+ Arcfire+ Soaring Elwind Distant Nosferatu
Speed Thunder Fire Wall Gliding Elwind Goetia
Duck Hunt High-Explosive Shot High-Explosive Shot Duck Jump Snag Quick Draw Aces
Zigzag Shot Clay Break Super Duck Jump Mega Gunman
Kirby Ice Breath Hammer Bash Wave Cutter Grounding Stone
Jumping Inhale Giant Hammer Upper Cutter Meteor Stone
King Dedede Dedede Storm Topspin Gordo Rising Dedede Armored Jet Hammer
Taste Test Bouncing Gordo Quick Dedede Jump Dash Jet Hammer
Meta Knight Entangling Tornado High-Speed Drill Blade Coaster Shield Piercer
Dreadful Tornado Shieldbreaker Drill Lazy Shuttle Loop Stealth Smasher
Fox Impact Blaster Fox Burst Flying Fox Big Reflector
Charge Blaster Wolf Flash Twisting Fox Amplifying Reflector
Falco Explosive Blaster Falco Phase Fast Fire Bird Accele-Reflector
Burst Blaster Falco Charge Distant Fire Bird Reflector Void
Pikachu Thunder Wave Shocking Skull Bash Meteor Quick Attack Thunder Burst
Thunder Shock Heavy Skull Bash Quick Feet Distant Thunder
Charizard Fire Fang Blast Burn Rising Cyclone Sinking Skull
Fireball Cannon Dragon Rush Fly High Rock Hurl
Lucario Snaring Aura Sphere Advancing Force Palm Ride the Wind Glancing Counter
Piercing Aura Sphere Long-Distance Force Palm ExtremeSpeed Attack Stunning Double Team
Jigglypuff Relentless Rollout Sideways Pound Hyper Voice Leaping Rest
Raging Rollout Pound Blitz Spinphony Wakie Wakie
Greninja Stagnant Shuriken Shadow Strike High-Capacity Pump Exploding Attack
Shifting Shuriken Shadow Dash Single-Shot Pump Substitute Ambush
R.O.B. Wide-Angle Beam Reflector Arm Robo Rocket Fire Gyro
Infinite Robo Beam Backward Arm Rotor High-Speed Burner Slip Gyro
Ness Rising PK Flash PK Bonfire Lasting PK Thunder PSI Vacuum
PK Freeze PK Fire Burst Rolling PK Thunder Forward PSI Magnet
Captain Falcon Falcon Dash Punch Heavy Raptor Boost Falcon Strike Falcon Kick Fury
Mighty Falcon Punch Wind-Up Raptor Boost Explosive Falcon Dive Lighting Falcon Kick
Villager Garden Liftoff Lloid Extreme Balloon Trip Timber Counter
Pocket Plus Pushy Lloid Balloon High Jump Super Timber
Olimar Hardy Pikmin Pluck Sticky Pikmin Throw Winged Pikmin Jump Order Tackle
Explosive Pluck Tackle Pikmin Throw Mighty Winged Pikmin Dizzy Whistle
Wii Fit Trainer Enriched Sun Salutation Huge Header Jumbo Hoop Volatile Breathing
Sweeping Sun Salutation Weighted Header Hoop Hurricane Steady Breathing
Shulk Decisive Monado Arts Back Slash Leap Advancing Air Slash Dash Vision
Hyper Monado Arts Back Slash Charge Mighty Air Slash Power Vision
Dr. Mario Fast Capsule Shocking Sheet Super Jump Soaring Tornado
Mega Capsule Breezy Sheet Ol' One-Two Clothesline Tornado
Dark Pit Piercing Bow Electrocut Arm Striking Flight Impact Orbitars
Guiding Bow Quickshock Arm Breezy Flight Amplifying Orbitars
Lucina Storm Thrust Effortless Blade Crescent Slash Easy Counter
Dashing Assault Heavy Blade Dolphin Jump Iai Counter
Pac-Man Freaky Fruit Distant Power Pellet Power Pac-Jump On-Fire Hydrant
Lazy Fruit Enticing Power Pellet Meteor Trampoline Dire Hydrant
Mega Man Hyper Bomb Ice Slasher Beat Plant Barrier
Shadow Blade Danger Wrap Tornado Hold Skull Barrier
Sonic Stomp Hammer Spin Dash Double Spring Auto-Spin Charge
Surprise Attack Burning Spin Dash Springing Headbutt Gravitational Charge

In Competitive Play

Custom moves were initially met with some hype regarding new possible strategies and movesets. However, they never became a significant part of competitive play. While efforts have been made to include custom moves legally in tournaments, two debilitating flaws kept this from happening.

Firstly, custom moves are incredibly tedious to obtain. Regardless of whether it is on the 3DS or Wii U version, the amount of time needed to gain all custom moves for use is simply not practical to even bother with. Secondly, the custom moves themselves are notoriously unbalanced. Some of them are almost completely useless while others are borderline broken (a notable example is Villager's Timber Counter).

Overall, while a decent effort to deepen the metagame of Smash Bros, custom moves are unarguably one of the most unbalanced additions to any Smash Bros. game ever. Currently, custom moves are unanimously banned at major tournaments, although some smaller tournaments may allow them in side events.


Early Custom Move Concept Arts.png
  • Characters were originally intended to have three custom moves, as shown in slides from the game's early development that shows Mario launching two Fireballs at once; it is unknown why this was reduced to two.
  • DLC characters don't have custom moves. Mewtwo was planned to have them at first, but this was scrapped. It's unknown why they were never implemented.
  • The Mii Fighters and Palutena are the only characters who have all their custom specials as soon as you start the game.