Custom is a section introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. In this section, players can customize their characters. Every character has equipment and special move customizations. In addition to that, Mii Fighters also have headgear and outfit customizations. The Smash Run custom section exclusively has power customizations for every chraracter.

All customizations made in this mode can be turned off in the Rules section.


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Equipment can change the attack, defense, and speed of a character. Each character can equip up to three equipments. Equipment can also have bonus effects, such as increased run speed or starting every battle with a Beam Sword.


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Every character except downloadable ones can choose from 3 variations of each special move they have, meaning 12 total moves to choose from. Mii Fighters already have all 12 variations unlocked, while the rest of the characters only have access to their 4 standard moves. Special moves can be unlocked through the various modes in the game.


All Mii Fighter types have access to the same list of headgear accessories to choose from. In total, there are 55 pieces of Headgear that can be obtained. The best methods to obtain Headgear is through Classic Mode and completing Master and Crazy Orders.

  • 1-Up Mushroom Hat
  • Barbara the Bat Wig
  • Bear Cap
  • Beehive Wig
  • Captain Falcon Helmet
  • Cat Ears
  • Chef Hat
  • Chicken Hat
  • Chomp Hat
  • Cow Skull Hat
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Daisy's Crown
  • Devil Horns
  • Dog Ears
  • Dragon Helmet
  • Fancy Pirate Hat
  • Floral Hat
  • Football Helmet
  • Frog Hat
  • Hibiscus
  • Hockey Mask
  • Lacy Headband
  • Lion Hat
  • Luigi's Cap
  • Magic Hat
  • Mario's Cap
  • Master Gardener's Crown
  • Meta Knight Mask
  • Mii Force Helmet
  • Mini Top Hat
  • Ninja Headband
  • Panda Hat
  • Peach's Crown
  • Pirate Hat
  • Prince's Crown
  • Princess Zelda Wig
  • Princess's Crown
  • Red Shell Hat
  • Red Ribbon
  • Regal Crown
  • Samurai Helmet
  • Samus's Helmet
  • Santa Hat
  • Sheik Mask
  • Shy Guy Mask
  • Spartan Helmet
  • Spiny Hat
  • Straw Hat
  • Super Mushroom Hat
  • Swimming Cap
  • Top Hat
  • Waluigi's Cap
  • Wario's Cap
  • Wedding Veil
  • Western Hat


The following headgears are available as paid downloadable content. All Mii Fighter types have access to all of the headgears listed below:

  • Akira Wig
  • Ashley Hat
  • Bear Hat
  • Bionic Helmet
  • Black Knight Helm
  • Captain Falcon Helmet[note 1]
  • Cat Hat
  • Chocobo Hat
  • Chrom Wig
  • Dunban Wig
  • Flying Man Hat
  • Fox Hat
  • Geno Hat
  • Gil's Helmet
  • Heihachi Wig
  • Hunter's Helm
  • Inkling Squid Hat
  • Inkling Wig
  • Isabelle Hat
  • Jacky Wig
  • K.K. Slider Hat
  • King K. Rool Hat
  • Knuckles Hat
  • Link Cap
  • Lloyd Wig
  • Majora's Mask
  • MegaMan.EXE's Helmet
  • Monkey Hat
  • Proto Man's Helmet
  • Rathalos Helm
  • Samus's Helmet[note 1]
  • Tails Hat
  • Takamaru Wig
  • Toad Hat
  • Viridi Wig
  • X's Helmet
  • Zero's Helmet
  1. 1.0 1.1 This item is also unlockable through normal gameplay, but will be unlocked immediately when bought if it hasn't been already.


Each Mii Fighter type has a separate list of outfits to choose from. All Mii Fighters have access to the Standard Outfit as well as these outfits:

Brawler Swordfighter Gunner
  • Biker Gear
  • Fighter Uniform
  • Mecha Suit
  • Protective Gear
  • Tracksuit
  • Vampire Garb
  • Cybernetic Suit
  • Neon Suit
  • Ninja Suit
  • Pirate Outfit
  • Plate Armor
  • Samurai Armor
  • Dragon Armor
  • Fancy Suit
  • High-Tech Armor
  • Mage Robe
  • Steampunk Getup
  • Wild West Wear


The following Mii Outfits are available as paid downloadable content. While some outfits are shared by any Mii Fighter, there are outfits which are restricted to specific types listed below:

All Brawler Swordfighter Gunner
  • Business Suit
  • Hoodie
  • SSB T-Shirt
  • Akira Outfit
  • Bionic Armor
  • Captain Falcon's Outfit
  • Cat Suit
  • Flying Man Outfit
  • Heihachi Outfit
  • Jacky Outfit
  • King K. Rool Outfit
  • Knuckles Outfit
  • Toad Outfit
  • Ashley Outfit
  • Black Knight's Armor
  • Chrom Outfit
  • Dunban Outfit
  • Gil's Armor
  • Hunter's Mail
  • Link Outfit
  • Lloyd Outfit
  • Monkey Suit
  • Rathalos Mail
  • Takamaru Outfit
  • Viridi Outfit
  • Zero's Armor
  • Bear Suit
  • Fox Outfit
  • Geno Outfit
  • Inkling Outfit
  • Isabelle Outfit
  • K.K. Slider Outfit
  • MegaMan.EXE's Armor
  • Proto Man's Armor
  • Samus's Armor
  • Tails Outfit
  • X's Armor


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Powers are special abilities used exclusively for Smash Run. Each power has a level, a weight, and a certain amount of uses. Higher levels of powers are more powerful and have more uses, but they also weigh more. How much weight a character can hold depends on his or her speed. Higher speed means less weight and therfore less amount of powers to carry.

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