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The Crowd or the Audience, also referred to as Publicity in the debug menu of Super Smash Bros. Melee, is a group of unseen people that can be heard during matches in all games of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Causes of cheering

The crowd can occasionally be heard cheering by shouting the name of a character that is used by a human player. The cause of cheering, however, is not entirely known; common trends include having high damage and doing something significant, such as KOing multiple opponents at once, or falling behind considerably during the course of a match. Every character has a unique cheer chant in each of the Smash Bros. games.

In addition to chants, the crowd can also vocalize during the match to a variety of events. In the original game, if a player can just make it back to the stage, after being knocked far away from the stage, the crowd will cheer for the player. The crowd also cheers if Ness absorbs a projectile with PSI Magnet, as well as if a character hits multiple characters or lands a powerful hit. Since Melee, the crowd will gasp if the player gets close to the ledge after getting knocked off; they will also cheer loudly if the player hits multiple opponents with a powerful attack. In addition, in Melee the crowd cheers the player if they complete the Target Test, complete an Event Match, or the Race to the Finish. However, they will groan should the player fail at any of these games. In Brawl and SSB4, the crowd will also gasp whenever a Smash Ball or legendary Pokémon appears, with the exception of Latias and Latios. In SSB4, the crowd will groan if a player finishes with no points in the Home-Run Contest or Target Blast. If Sudden Death occurs, then the crowd will be silent during this situation.

Despite their presence, the crowd has no effect on gameplay. A sole exception exists in the Bonus mode of Melee; if the player earns the "Crowd Favorite" bonus from getting the crowd to cheer for them, or the "Master of Suspense" bonus from causing the crowd to gasp at them at least three times in one minute, they will earn 2500 points from each.

Of further note, in Melee and Brawl, the crowd seems to "disappear" after a certain point is reached in some of the single player modes. In Melee, the crowd disappears starting at Race to the Finish and at Stage 12: Final Destination in the Adventure Mode. In Brawl, the crowd disappears during the fight against Master Hand, and is only heard when certain stages are cleared in the Subspace Emissary.

Certain characters have noticeably different names in Japan (such as Jigglypuff as Purin and R.O.B. as Robot); their names are adjusted accordingly in the cheer.

List of Crowd cheers (Super Smash Bros.)

Name Pitch Description Audio Clip (NTSC and PAL) Audio Clip (Japanese)
Captain Falcon Group chant Falcon!
Captain Falcon Cheer NTSC SSB
Captain Falcon Cheer Japanese SSB
Donkey Kong Group chant Donkey Kong!
Donkey Kong Cheer NTSC SSB
Donkey Kong Cheer Japanese SSB
Fox Group chant Go - Fox!
Fox Cheer NTSC SSB
Fox Cheer Japanese SSB
JigglypuffGroup chant Jigglypuff!
Jigglypuff Cheer NTSC SSB
Jigglypuff Cheer Japanese SSB
Kirby Group chant Kirby!
Kirby Cheer NTSC SSB
Kirby Cheer Japanese SSB
Link Group chant Go, Link!
Link Cheer NTSC SSB
Link Cheer Japanese SSB
Luigi Group chant Luigi!
Luigi Cheer NTSC SSB
Luigi Cheer Japanese SSB
Mario Group chant Mario!
Mario Cheer NTSC SSB
Mario Cheer Japanese SSB
Ness Group chant Go - Ness!
Ness Cheer NTSC SSB
Ness Cheer Japanese SSB
Pikachu Group chant Pikachu!
Pikachu Cheer NTSC SSB
Pikachu Cheer Japanese SSB
Samus Group chant Samus!
Samus Cheer NTSC SSB
Samus Cheer Japanese SSB
Yoshi Group chant Yoshi!
Yoshi Cheer NTSC SSB
Yoshi Cheer Japanese SSB

List of Crowd cheers (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Name Pitch Description Audio Clip (NTSC and PAL) Audio Clip (Japanese)
Bowser Male voices Bow-ser! Bow-ser!
Bowser Cheer NTSC SSBM
Bowser Cheer Japanese SSBM
Captain Falcon Group chant Falcon! *claps three times*
Captain Falcon Cheer NTSC SSBM
Captain Falcon Cheer Japanese SSBM
Donkey Kong Mostly female voices Donkey - Kong!
Donkey Kong Cheer NTSC SSBM
Donkey Kong Cheer Japanese SSBM
Dr. Mario Group Chant Gooooooo - Doc!
Dr. Mario Cheer NTSC SSBM
Dr. Mario Cheer Japanese SSBM
Falco Deep male voices Faaalll-cooo...!
Falco Cheer NTSC SSBM
Falco Cheer Japanese SSBM
Fox Group chant Gooooooo - Fox!
Fox Cheer Japanese SSBM
Ganondorf Deep male voices Gaaa-non-doorff...!
Ganondorf Cheer NTSC SSBM
Ganondorf Cheer Japanese SSBM
Ice Climbers Group chants Ice - Climber! Ice - Climber!
Ice Climbers Cheer NTSC SSBM
Ice Climbers Cheer Japanese SSBM
Jigglypuff Male voices Jig-gly-puff! (English)
Jigglypuff Cheer NTSC SSBM
Jigglypuff Cheer Japanese SSBM
Kirby Male voices Kirby -- Kirby!
Kirby Cheer NTSC SSBM
Kirby Cheer Japanese SSBM
Link Group chant Go - Link! *claps three times*
Link Cheer NTSC SSBM
Link Cheer Japanese SSBM
Luigi Group Chant Lu-i-gi!
Luigi Cheer NTSC SSBM
Luigi Cheer Japanese SSBM
Mario Group chant Mar-rio!
Mario Cheer NTSC SSBM
Mario Cheer Japanese SSBM
Marth Group chant Marth -- Marth -- Marth!
Marth Cheer NTSC SSBM
Marth Cheer Japanese SSBM
Mewtwo Group Chant Mewwww-two!
Mewtwo Cheer NTSC SSBM
Mewtwo Cheer Japanese SSBM
Mr. Game & Watch Group Chant Game - And -Watch!
Mr. Game & Watch Cheer NTSC SSBM
Mr. Game & Watch Cheer Japanese SSBM
Ness Group Chant Ness -- Ness -- Ness!
Ness Cheer NTSC SSBM
Ness Cheer Japanese SSBM
Peach Male voices Go - Peach!
Peach Cheer NTSC SSBM
Peach Cheer Japanese SSBM
Pichu Group Chant Pi-Chu!
Pichu Cheer NTSC SSBM
Pichu Cheer Japanese SSBM
Pikachu Mostly female voices Pika-Pika-Pikachu!
Pikachu Cheer NTSC SSBM
Pikachu Cheer Japanese SSBM
Roy Group chant Roy's - Our - Boy!
Roy Cheer Japanese SSBM
Samus Group chant Samus - Samus!
Samus Cheer NTSC SSBM
Samus Cheer Japanese SSBM
Sheik Male voices Gooooooooooooooooooooo Sheik!
Sheik Cheer NTSC SSBM
Sheik Cheer Japanese SSBM
Yoshi Deep Male voices Yooo-Shiii...!
Yoshi Cheer NTSC SSBM
Yoshi Cheer Japanese SSBM
Young Link Group chant Young - Link!
Young Link Cheer NTSC SSBM
Young Link Cheer Japanese SSBM
Zelda Group chant Zelda - Zelda - Hu!
Zelda Cheer NTSC SSBM
Zelda Cheer Japanese SSBM

List of Crowd cheers (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Name Pitch Description (NTSC/PAL) Description (Japanese) Audio Clip (NTSC/PAL) Audio Clip (Japanese)
Bowser Deep male voices Bow - Ser! Koo - pa!
Bowser Cheer NTSC SSBB
Bowser Cheer Japanese SSBB
Captain Falcon Mixed chant Cap - Tain (high female voices) - Fal - Con! (deep male voices) <
Captain Falcon Cheer NTSC SSBB
Captain Falcon Cheer Japanese SSBB
Diddy Kong Group chant Di - Ddy - Kong! <
Diddy Kong Cheer NTSC SSBB
Diddy Kong Cheer Japanese SSBB
Donkey Kong Group chant Don - Key - Kong! <
Donkey Kong Cheer NTSC SSBB
Donkey Kong Cheer Japanese SSBB
Falco Group chant Fal - Co! <
Falco Cheer NTSC SSBB
Falco Cheer Japanese SSBB
Fox Group chant Fox - Fox - *clap clap clap* Fox! - *clap x 3*
Fox Cheer Japanese SSBB
Ganondorf Deep male voices Gan - On - Dorf! <
Ganondorf Cheer NTSC SSBB
Ganondorf Cheer Japanese SSBB
Popo Mixed chant Na - Na! (high female voices) -- Po - Po! (low male voices) Ice - Cli - mer!
Popo Cheer NTSC SSBB
Popo Cheer Japanese SSBB
Nana No crowd chant *The Back sound on the menu* ^
Ike Group chant We - Like - Ike! Ike!
Ike Cheer Japanese SSBB
Jigglypuff Female Voices Jig - gly - puff! Pu - ri - n!
Jigglypuff Cheer NTSC SSBB
Jgglypuff Cheer Japanese SSBB
King Dedede Group chant Kiiiing -- De - de - de! De - de - de! - De - de - de! - De - de - de - de - de - de - de!
King Dedede Cheer NTSC SSBB
King Dedede Cheer Japanese SSBB
Kirby High female voices Kir - By! Ki - r - By!
Kirby Cheer NTSC SSBB
Kirby Cheer Japanese SSBB
Link Group chant Go - Link! *clap clap clap* Li - n - k!
Link Cheer NTSC SSBB
Link Cheer Japanese SSBB
Lucario Group chant Lu - Ca - Ri - O! Lu - Ca - RiO!
Lucario Cheer NTSC SSBB
Lucario Cheer Japanese SSBB
Lucas Group chant Lu - Cas! <(Ryu - ka!)
Lucas Cheer NTSC SSBB
Lucas Cheer Japanese SSBB
Luigi Male voices Lu - I - Gi! LuI - Gi!
Luigi Cheer NTSC SSBB
Luigi Cheer Japanese SSBB
Mario Group chant Ma - Ri - O! <
Mario Cheer NTSC SSBB
Mario Cheer Japanese SSBB
Marth Group chant Marth - Marth - Marth! <
Marth Cheer NTSC SSBB
Marth Cheer Japanese SSBB
Meta Knight Group chant Me - Ta - Knight! <
Meta Knight Cheer NTSC SSBB
Meta Knight Cheer Japanese SSBB
Mr. Game & Watch Group chant Mis - Ter -- Game - And - Watch! Game - And - Watch!
Mr. Game & Watch Cheer NTSC SSBB
Mr. Game & Watch Cheer Japanese SSBB
Ness Group chant Ness - Ness - Ness - OOOO! Ness - Ness - Ne - ss!
Ness Cheer NTSC SSBB
Ness Cheer Japanese SSBB
Olimar Mixed chant Pik - Min (high female voices) -- Oli - Mar! (deep male voices) <
Olimar Cheer NTSC SSBB
Olimar Cheer Japanese SSBB
Peach Group chant Peach! <
Peach Cheer NTSC SSBB
Peach Cheer Japanese SSBB
Pikachu High female voices Pika - Pika - Pikachu! Pi - ka - chu!
Pikachu Cheer NTSC SSBB
Pikachu Cheer Japanese SSBB
Pit Group chant Pit - *clap* Pit*kun*
Pit Cheer Japanese SSBB
Pokémon Trainer Group chant Po - Ké - Mon! <
Pokémon Trainer Cheer NTSC SSBB
Pokémon Trainer Cheer Japanese SSBB
R.O.B. Group chant R - O - B - R.O.B.! Ro - bot!
R.O.B. Cheer Japanese SSBB
Samus Group chant Sam - Us! SamUs!
Samus Cheer NTSC SSBB
Samus Cheer Japanese SSBB
Sheik Group chant Sheik! She - I - k!
Sheik Cheer NTSC SSBB
Sheik Cheer Japanese SSBB
Snake Group chant Snake - Snake -- Snaaaaake! Snake!
Snake Cheer NTSC SSBB
Snake Cheer Japanese SSBB
Sonic Group chant Go - Go - So - Nic! <
Sonic Cheer NTSC SSBB
Sonic Cheer Japanese SSBB
Toon Link Group chant Toon - Link! Link!
Toon Link Cheer NTSC SSBB
Toon Link Cheer Japanese SSBB
Wario Group chant Wa - Ri - O! -- Cha - Cha - Cha! Wa - Ri - O!
Wario Cheer NTSC SSBB
Wario Cheer Japanese SSBB
Wolf Group chant Wooolf! - *howl* - Wooolf! - *howling continues* <
Wolf Cheer NTSC SSBB
Wolf Cheer Japanese SSBB
Yoshi High female voices Yo - Shi! <
Yoshi Cheer NTSC SSBB
Yoshi Cheer Japanese SSBB
Zelda Group chant Zel - Da! <
Zelda Cheer NTSC SSBB
Zelda Cheer Japanese SSBB
Zero Suit Samus Group chant Ze - Ro - Suit -- Sam - Us! SamUs
Zero Suit Samus Cheer NTSC SSBB
Zero Suit Samus Cheer Japanese SSBB

List of Crowd cheers (Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U)

Name Description (NTSC) Description (Japanese) Audio Clip (NTSC) Audio Clip (Japanese)
Bayonetta Bay - o!
Bayonetta Cheer NTSC SSB4
Bowser Bow - ser!
Bowser Cheer NTSC SSB4
Bowser Jr. Jun - ior!
Bowser Jr. Cheer NTSC SSB4
Larry Lar - ry
Larry Cheer NTSC SSB4
Roy Roy Roy Roy!
Roy Cheer NTSC SSB4
Wendy Wen - dy!
Wendy Cheer NTSC SSB4
Iggy Ig - gy!
Iggy Cheer NTSC SSB4
Morton Mor - ton!
Morton Cheer NTSC SSB4
Lemmy Lem - my!
Lemmy Cheer NTSC SSB4
Ludwig Lud - wig!
Ludwig Cheer NTSC SSB4
Captain Falcon Falcoon Punch!
Captain Falcon Cheer NTSC SSB4
Charizard Charizard!
Charizard Cheer NTSC SSB4
Cloud Cloud! - Cloud! - Cloud!
Cloud Cheer NTSC SSB4
Corrin Corr - in!
Corrin Cheer NTSC SSB4
Dark Pit Pittoo Pittoo Pittoo!
Dark Pit Cheer NTSC SSB4
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong!
Diddy Kong Cheer NTSC SSB4
Donkey Kong D - K! -- Donkey - Kong!
Donkey Kong Cheer NTSC SSB4
Dr. Mario Go - Doc!
Dr. Mario Cheer NTSC SSB4
Duck Hunt Duck - Hunt!
Duck Hunt Cheer NTSC SSB4
Falco Fal - co!
Falco Cheer NTSC SSB4
Fox Fox Fox Fox!
Fox Cheer NTSC SSB4
Ganondorf Ganon - dooorf!
Ganondorf Cheer NTSC SSB4
Greninja Greninja!
Greninja Cheer NTSC SSB4
Ike We like Ike!
Ike Cheer NTSC SSB4
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff!
Jigglypuff Cheer NTSC SSB4
King Dedede De-De-De! De-De-De! Dedededededede
King Dedede Cheer NTSC SSB4
Kirby Kir - by!
Kirby Cheer NTSC SSB4
Link/Toon Link Link Link Link!
Link Cheer NTSC SSB4
Little Mac Little Mac! Get 'em back!
Little Mac Cheer NTSC SSB4
Lucario Lu - cario!
Lucario Cheer NTSC SSB4
Lucas Lu - cas!
Lucas DLC Cheer NTSC SSB4
Lucina Lu - ci - na!
Lucina Cheer NTSC SSB4
Luigi Lui - gi!
Luigi Cheer NTSC SSB4
Mario Ma - Ri - O!
Mario Cheer NTSC SSB4
Marth Marth Marth Marth!
Marth Cheer NTSC SSB4
Mega Man Me - ga - Man!
Mega Man Cheer NTSC SSB4
Meta Knight Me - ta - Knight!
Meta Knight Cheer NTSC SSB4
Mewtwo Mewwww-two!
Mewtwo DLC Cheer NTSC SSB4
Mii Fighters Mii!
Mii Fighters Cheer NTSC SSB4
Mr. Game & Watch Game - And - Watch!
Mr. Game & Watch Cheer NTSC SSB4
Ness Su-per Ness!
Ness Cheer NTSC SSB4
Olimar Olimar! Olimar! Olimar!
Olimar Cheer NTSC SSB4
Alph Alph! Alph! Alph!
Alph Cheer NTSC SSB4
Pac-Man Pac - Man!
Pac-Man Cheer NTSC SSB4
Palutena Pa - lu - te - na!
Palutena Cheer NTSC SSB4
Peach Prin - cess - Peach!
Peach Cheer NTSC SSB4
Pikachu Pi - ka - chu!
Pikachu Cheer NTSC SSB4
Pit Pit! Pit! This is it!
Pit Cheer NTSC SSB4
R.O.B. R - O - B!
R.O.B. Cheer NTSC SSB4
Robin Ro - bin!
Robin Cheer NTSC SSB4
Rosalina & Luma Ro - sa - li - na!
Rosalina & Luma Cheer NTSC SSB4
Roy Roy's our boy!
Ryu Ryu Ryu Ryu!
Samus Sa - mus!
Samus Cheer NTSC SSB4
Sheik Sheik!
Sheik Cheer NTSC SSB4
Shulk Shulk Shulk Shulk!
Shulk Cheer NTSC SSB4
Sonic So - nic!
Sonic Cheer NTSC SSB4
Villager Vill - a - ger!
Villager Cheer NTSC SSB4
Wario Wa - ri - o!
Wario Cheer NTSC SSB4
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit!
Wii Fit Trainer Cheer NTSC SSB4
Yoshi Yo - shi!
Yoshi Cheer NTSC SSB4
Zelda Zel - da!
Zelda Cheer NTSC SSB4
Zero Suit Samus Ze - ro - Suit!
Zero Suit Samus Cheer NTSC SSB4


  • Cheers can also be found in the Sound Test, and they are always the last of each character's sounds.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Japanese crowd cheer for Meta Knight is the same as the American cheer.
  • Ike's cheer, "We Like Ike", is often associated with the presidential campaign of Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Luigi's cheer is shouted by only a few people, in reference to the fact he is often overshadowed by his brother and ignored by others.
  • Snake's cheer is a reference to Snake's death sequence from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, in which Otacon can be heard repeating Snake's name in the same manner as the crowd cheer.
  • Ness's cheer could be a reference to Giygas's "Ness, Ness, Ness..." speech from EarthBound. His cheer in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U has been changed to "Super Ness!", which is a reference to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also called as SNES and very oftenly called Super Nintendo.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Ice Climbers' cheer is different based on which climber is human-controlled. When playing as Nana, the cheer is the Back sound on the menu.
  • In the Japanese version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, if players were to play as Villager, the crowd will chant (村の 町長!) "Mura no - chouchou!" Some believed this to be the Ice Climbers' chant due to it sounding similar to "Na - Na! Po - Po!", however this is actually the Japanese chant for the Villager translating to "The villagers' - Mayor!"
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Donkey Kong's new cheer, "DK Donkey Kong", is a reference to the DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64.
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