Cross Slash (凶斬り, Kyōgiri, literally "Wicked Cutter") is Cloud's Side Special Move. Cloud does a quick dash forward, and if he connects the opponent, he attacks them with a barrage of slashes with the Buster Sword, generating yellow energy after each move.


Cross Slash is a very fast move in execution, efficiently trapping the opponent if the hits connect. The player must repeat the inputs in order to deal all hits, similarly to Marth's Dancing Blade. However, the player can only deal all hits when connecting with the opponent, otherwise only the first can be used. If the opponent blocks the hits, the attack will suffer from lag, leaving Cloud vulnerable.

When Limit Charge is activated, the energy changes from yellow to blue, dealing much higher knockback and having slightly higher range. The player does not need to input all the commands; all hits will instantly come out in the Limit Form, regardless of connecting with an opponent or not.

This move is great for quick damage racking, being an excellent way to punish attacks without much effort; when powered up it deals massive knockback and grants Cloud super armor during the entire duration of the attack. Cross Slash can combo out of Down Throw on very low percentages, being an easy way to deal 25% to 35% from a single setup.

Limit Break Cross Slash deals the most damage out of all of his Limit Breaks; it is an excellent kill move when all of the hits connect with an opponent around 110%. Many edgeguarding opponents may expect Cloud to use the Limit Break Climhazzard, but if Cloud is able to get back to the edge without the need for it, a great way to surprise an edge-guarding opponent is to use the Cross Slash on them; an opponent with high enough damage could even be killed by the Limit Break version, though either version of the move will work for this surprise attack. Using the move also stalls Cloud briefly in the air, which can be useful to slowing down his momentum. Lastly, if used correctly, Limit Break Cross Slash is also a very effective way to get stage spikes; jumping out of the platform and using it right at the edge when the opponents are recovering low can trap them into the hits and prevent them from latching on the ledge.


Cross Slash is the second Limit Break move of the first tier of limits for Cloud. It is obtained after using Braver eight times, and it deals damage equal to 3.25 times that of a normal physical attack as well as inflicting Paralyze on an enemy. This paralyze effect is reflected in Smash Bros. in the form of the multi-hit damage which traps opponents.

The symbol drawn by Cross Slash, 凶 (Kyō), is a kanji meaning "curse" or "misfortune", both referencing its Paralyze ability and its original Japanese name of "Kyogiri" or "Wicked Cutter". The kanji itself is one of three characters used for its Japanese name in kanji writing (凶斬り)

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Cloud's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Blade Beam
Side Special Cross Slash
Up Special Climhazzard
Down Special Limit Charge/Finishing Touch
Final Smash Omnislash


  • Cross Slash's animation differs between both series; in the Final Fantasy series, Cloud performs three slashes, with each kanji symbol being formed already when executing one slash, while in the Super Smash Bros. series, Cloud performs five slashes and forming each kanji stroke with each slash.
    • Similarly to the change in Blade Beam, this makes it so that Cloud can use the attack in the air
  • Cross Slash's orientation cannot be flipped, making the attack the only one to have different hit boxes depending on the player's facing direction
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