Cross Chop is Incineroar's Up Special. Incineroar jumps up high into the air, then diagonally crashes down with its arms crossed creating an explosion once it hits the floor.


Cross Chop is a risky move for Incineroar near edges as it is capable for likely self-destructs, similar to Final Cutter, Aether, Stone Scabbard and Climhazzard. The move can also be reversed after the initial jump to help prevent self-destructs, however, after a certain short distance, Incineroar can jump out of the move to recover. What it lacks in recovery, it makes up for in power as the impact explosion is pretty strong. In addition, the move also connects the initial jump to the dive with a strong diagonal spike.


Cross Chop is a Fighting-type move with 100 power, 80% accurate and an increased critical hit ratio that was introduced in Generation II of the Pokémon series. The user delivers a double chop with its forearms crossed.


  • Kamikaze: Incineroar can trigger an Incinicide when his Cross Chop hits an opponent offstage with the meteor hitbox.

Incineroar's Special Moves
Standard Special Darkest Lariat
Side Special Alolan Whip
Up Special Cross Chop
Down Special Revenge
Final Smash Max Malicious Moonsault