Cross is Simon and Richter Belmont's Side Special. The user throws a spinning cross that goes back to them.


Simon throws a cross forward that travels medium-range before flying back to him. If the command is inputted as a smash attack, the cross flies long-range. The cross does not disappear before returning to Simon, meaning that it can hit opponents multiple times. Unlike the Boomerag, Cross will travel in a straight trajectory from the position it is thrown. Only one Cross can be active at a time, and if it collides with a shield or solid surface, it will immediately return to Simon.

Cross is the Belmonts' primary tool of approach, as its high duration and range as well as its decent knockback makes it a useful tool for disrupting approaches and initiating combos, usually in conjunction with Axe or his aerials. However, its straight trajectory means it can easily be avoided by simply jumping over it or airdodging, and if it is reflected it will return and damage the user.


The Cross (referred to as a "boomerang" in certain versions of the game due to religious censorship) is a recurring subweapon in the Castlevania series. Used by the Belmont clan as well as several other vampire hunters, it is found in select candles much like other subweapons. It functions as a boomerang, with the player being able to catch it (although they will not regain any hearts spent, this is simply to allow the player to throw it again quicker.) As it is holy in element, it does tremendous damage against the forces of darkness and if enhanced with Double or Triple Shot powerups, can tear apart even bosses in short order. Due to its rigidly horizontal moveset, the Cross can be used to good effect against Dracula himself as well.

Rondo of Blood was where its Item Crash attack, Grand Cross, was introduced, costing 20 hearts per use. The Cross also reappears in Symphony of the Night as a usable subweapon for Richter, Alucard and Maria Renard, although while Richter and Maria can use it in its traditional form, Alucard can only use the cross in its Item Crash form at the cost of 100 hearts.

Simon's and Richter's Special Moves
Standard Special Axe
Side Special Cross
Up Special Uppercut
Down Special Holy Water
Final Smash Grand Cross
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