Crawling, also called Crouchwalking, is a new technique introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is done by moving whilst crouching, hence the name "Crouchwalking". Crawling can be used to avoid certain projectiles, except ground-hugging projectiles, while still approaching. In general, the usefulness of crawling mostly depends on how low the character's crouch is. For example, Sheik and Snake have very low crouches, meaning that their crawl is more effective, however Bowser's crouch is much higher, making his crawl practically useless for avoiding projectiles. Characters can use their Down Tilt attacks while crawling. While most characters can change the direction they face while crawling, all crawling characters can crawl backwards. With the stealthy air of Snake and his introduction into the game, this technique seems to be made especially for him. Some characters' Down Tilts that move them forward, allowing them to pseudo-crawl, though the usefulness of this technique is questionable.

List of characters with this ability

List of pseudo-crawling characters

The following characters can approach while using their Down Tilts, which move them forward at a slow rate when used rapidly.


  • Pikachu's height varies depending on if it crawls forward of backward. Normally, when Pikachu crawls forward, its tail lies low to the ground, allowing it to avoid certain projectiles like Fox's Blaster. However, if it crawls backwards, Pikachu will retract its tail over its body, which allows it to be hit by projectiles that normally would not hit it while crawling forward.
  • Most characters can turn around while crawling. To do this, players must crouch and do a Down Tilt and then press the Control Stick to the opposite direction, and the character will turn around.
  • When Samus uses her Bomb in a metal or high gravity brawl while pressing forward or backwards, it will act like a crawl for a short while when the morph ball is on the ground.
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