Counter Surge is Corrin's Down Special Move. Corrin enters in a defensive state, and transforms into his dragon mode when attacked.


When initiating Counter Surge, Corrin partially transforms into his dragon form and hold the Omega Yato in a reverse grip. If a blockable attack attempts to connect while in this stance, Corrin will quickly transform into his dragon form and slam into the ground, creating two pillars of water on both sides simultaneously that deal 1.2x (1.3x if activated late) the countered attack and launching opponents with vertical knockback with a minimum of 8%.

Counter Surge has earned the reputation of being the most powerful counter due to covering both sides of Corrin as well as its high launching angle, making it effective on stages with low upper blast lines. However, Counter Surge still possesses the weaknesses of a standard counter move, requiring precise timing and predicting in order to be used effectively, and it cannot be activated against a grab or Final Smash.

Corrin's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Dragon Fang Shot
Side Special Dragon Lunge
Up Special Draconic Ascent
Down Special Counter Surge
Final Smash Torrential Roar



  • Counter Surge is the only counter that launches opponents upwards.