Announced at E3 2001, Corneria (惑星コーネリア, Planet Corneria) is a starter stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and is essentially a smaller version of Fox's old stage, Sector Z, which was in Super Smash Bros. Corneria later appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Melee stage, and in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as a familiar stage. The stage would return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where it was updated to match its appearance in Star Fox Zero. In All-Star Mode in Melee, this stage is where one fights Fox and any of his teammates. In Smash 3DS and Ultimate, Falco is fought here when being unlocked.

Stage description

The stage is set on the Great Fox, like every other Star Fox stage released in SSB and Melee. The horizontal blast lines are very close to the main platform, and the stage has a very low ceiling in Brawl. Arwings and Wolfens fly down to fire lasers at players, usually coming from the right hand side or from up above. The lasers can damage players, but they will only make characters flinch very slightly and do no knockback, except in Smash 3DS where the shots explode on contact and can easily KO an unfortunate fighter. They may come in and lock on from the background, flying past the Great Fox. They also serve as moving platforms when they come, though they can carry characters past blast lines. The lasers fired by Arwings and Wolfens can be reflected or absorbed by Mr. Game & Watch, Ness, Lucas, and the Mii Gunner. The Great Fox also has two laser cannons in the front. Players can stand on these laser cannons, but they will charge and fire on occasion. Characters caught in the crossfire usually have no chance of survival. However, just like the Arwings and Wolfens, one can use energy-projectile absorption moves like PSI Magnet and Oil Panic to benefit from these shots. In all Smash games so far, the laser cannons can be destroyed, which also stopped them from being used as platforms.

Fox and Falco can perform a special easter egg on this stage in which they contact other characters from the Star Fox games. It is performed by pressing down on the D-Pad for one frame.

The level is also apparently scrolling slightly, as items that should remain stationary in the air like Flippers and Party Balls will move slowly. Also, the Great Fox's wings will sometimes touch the sea under it, though swimming is impossible even in Brawl.

When the Pokémon Trainer is used on this stage, there will be an extra smaller ship for the trainer to stand on in the background.


Corneria City as seen in Star Fox 64.

Corneria first appeared in the original Star Fox and it's sequel Star Fox 64. This stage is from the Star Fox 64 version of Corneria. In Star Fox 64's Corneria, the player has to fly from the beginning of the stage to the other side of the stage to confront the boss. One of the areas that the player flies through on his or her way to the boss is a city named Corneria City. Corneria City is almost completely destroyed due to enemy attacks. In this stage the Great Fox takes the same route as a player would have to take through Corneria (including Corneria City). However, Corneria City in this stage is much denser and the buildings aren't destroyed. In Ultimate, Corneria City bears resemblance to its appearance in Star Fox Zero.

The Great Fox is the mobile headquarters for the Star Fox team and it is a battleship/carrier. The Great Fox first appeared in Star Fox 64. The overall design of the Great Fox seen in this stage look almost exactly as it looked in Star Fox 64, but the Great Fox has been greatly scaled down. Ever since the first Star Fox, the Star Fox team's main aircraft that they pilot are Arwings. The Arwings have been redesigned in Star Fox 64. In this stage can be seen Arwings flying over the Great Fox. The Arwings main weapon are lasers that shoot the player's enemies. There is also an upgrade that let's the player shoot two lasers at once. The design of the Arwing are designed like they are in Star Fox 64 and they shoot the upgraded lasers. In Star Fox 64 there is a mercenary group called Star Wolf. The team also first appeared in Star Fox 64 and they have aircraft that is similar to the Arwing called Wolfens. The design of the Wolfens in this stage resemble how they were designed in Star Fox 64. [1]

The music for this stage is, ironically, from the planet Venom in Star Fox, mixed in with pieces of the main theme of Star Fox. [2]


  • There is a glitch in Melee where when Falco is metal and hit by PK Fire just behind the guns he will fall through the Great Fox.
  • There is also another glitch involving Samus' bomb and any character that can allow the other character to fall through the center of the ship after using a certain move while the bomb explodes.


This stage is one of the largest stages in the game, even though it's smaller than its Super Smash Bros. counterpart, Sector Z. Take note of the crooked shape of the ship and take that into account when firing projectiles. Motion sensor bombs are well placed near the right ledge of the longer portion of the ship, where many characters will grab onto when they come back up. General Pepper's picture can also be seen on a large box in the background.

Differences between Sector Z and Corneria

An Arwing onstage shooting at fighters.

Corneria is noted for being extremely similar to a stage that appeared in the original Super Smash Bros., Sector Z. Several differences exist between the two stages, however:

  • The background has changed from a deep-space atmosphere to travelling through the planet Corneria in Star Fox 64, the first level.
  • The Great Fox has been scaled down in size.
  • The Great Fox's guns can now be stood on; however, they can now fire lasers, which is an almost inevitable KO. Also, the guns break if attacked enough. Once broken, they can no longer be stood on.
  • Pikachu's Thunderbolt can now travel down the ridge of the Great Fox.
  • In addition to Arwings that fly onto the stage and fire lasers, the Wolfen also appears. Arwings previously appeared in the background of Sector Z, similar to King Dedede's appearance on the Dream Land stage.


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