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In every Super Smash Bros. game so far, Kirby has had the ability to copy any other characters' standard-special move (besides other Kirbys). When Kirby copies one of his opponents, he will also bear a resemblance of that character. Here is what Kirby looks like when he copies the other characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.



Features Obtained: Mario's Cap

Standard Special Move: Fireball

This is what Kirby looks like when he copies Mario. Kirby gets Mario's cap, and he also gets to use Mario's Fireball move. For further info about Mario, see Mario. For more information regarding Mario in Brawl, see Mario (SSBB).



Features Obtained: Link's Hood

Standard Special Move: Hero's Bow

Here's what our pink puffball hero Kirby looks like after he uses Inhale on Link. He gets the ability to use Link's Hero's Bow instead of Kirby's original standard special move. After Kirby has successfully copies Link, he will also bear Link's green Hood. To know more about Link, see Link. For more information on Link in Brawl, see Link (SSBB).

Samus Aran


Features Obtained: Samus's Helmet

Standard Special Move: Charge

This is what Kirby looks like after he copies Samus Aran. Kirby gets to use Samus's Charge attack, along with having her helmet. To know more about Samus Aran, see Samus Aran. For more information on Samus's appearance in Brawl, see Samus (SSBB).



Features Obtained: A Pikachu Hat

Standard Special Move: Thunder Jolt

Here is Kirby when he inhales Pikachu. He gets a Pikachu hat that features Pikachu's tail, face, and ears. Kirby is granted the ability to use thunder jolt from his own cheeks, just like Pikachu. For further info on Pikachu, see Pikachu. For other means of information on Pikachu in Brawl, see Pikachu (SSBB).

Fox McCloud


Features Obtained: Fox's Ears and Headpiece

Standard Special Move: Blaster

After copying Fox, Kirby now has the power to shoot with Fox's Blaster. He also gains Fox's ears and his special headpiece. For more information on Fox, see Fox McCloud. For info on Fox in Brawl, see Fox (SSBB).

Donkey Kong


Features Obtained: A Donkey Kong Suit

Standard Special Move: Giant Punch

When our little puffball Kirby copies the massive ape, Donkey Kong, Kirby aquires a special Donkey Kong suit and the special move Giant Punch. To know more information about Donkey Kong, see Donkey Kong. For more information on Donkey Kong's appearance in Brawl, see Donkey Kong (SSBB).



Features Obtained: Zelda's Headpiece

Standard Special Move: Nayru's Love

If Kirby sucks up and copies the Princess Zelda, he will sport her old Headpiece from past Zelda games. He will also have the power to reflect projectiles with his new special move Nayru's Love. For information on Zelda, see Zelda. For info regarding Zelda in Brawl, see Zelda (SSBB).

King Dedede


Features Obtained: King Dedede's Headpiece

Standard Special Move: Inhale

After swallowing the big King Dedede, Kirby has earned the abilty to Inhale and spit out enemies as stars. King Dedede's headpiece becomes Kirby's to wear. If you want to know more about King Dedede, see King Dedede. For further info on King Dedede in Brawl, see King Dedede (SSBB).

Pokemon Trainer

For information on Pokemon Trainer, see Pokemon Trainer. For information regarding Pokemon Trainer in Brawl, see Pokemon Trainer (SSBB).



Features Obtained: A Charizard Hat

Standard Special Move: Flamethrower

If Kirby copies Pokemon Trainer while Charizard is out in the fray, he gets a unique Charizard hat. He will also be granted special move Flamethrower. If you want to know more about Charizard, see Charizard (SSBB). If you want to know more about Charizard in regards to Pokemon Trainer, see Pokemon Trainer. For info about Charizard as a playable character, see Charizard (SSBB) or Pokemon Trainer (SSBB).



Features Obtained: A Squirtle Hat

Standard Special Move: Water Gun

After Kirby inhales Squirtle, he will now bear a special Squirtle hat that features Squirtle's shell and tail. Now, Kirby has the ability to use Water Gun. For information about Squirtle, see Squirtle. For info regarding Squirtle in Brawl, see Squirtle (SSBB) or Pokemon Trainer (SSBB).



Features Obtained: An Ivysaur Hat

Standard Special Move: Bullet Seed

If Kirby sucks up Ivysaur, he will have Ivysaur's ability to use Bullet Seed. Kirby will also gain a Ivysaur hat, featuring the plant that sits on the back of Ivysaur. If you wish to know more about Ivysaur, see Ivysaur. For info on Ivysaur in Brawl, see Ivysaur (SSBB) or Pokemon Trainer (SSBB).

Zero Suit Samus


Features Obtained: Zero Suit Samus's Hair

Standard Special Move:: Plasma Gun

If Kirby makes a meal out of Zero Suit Samus he comes out with her hair. Kirby will be able to shoot a little Plasma Shot. If you want to know more about Zero Suit Samus check out Zero Suit Samus. If you wish to know about her in Brawl see Zero Suit Samus (SSBB).

Diddy Kong


Features Obtained: Diddy Kong's Hat

Standard Special Move: Peanut Popgun

If Kirby can suck up Diddy Kong like a vacuum cleaner, than he will now possess Diddy's hat. He will also have the chimp's Peanut Popgun(s) to use for himself. If you want to know more about Diddy Kong, see Diddy Kong. For info about the chimp in Brawl, see Diddy Kong (SSBB).

Captain Olimar


Features Obtained: Olimar's nose and antenna

Standard Special Move: Pikmin Pluck/Pikmin Throw

If Kirby can swallow Captain Olimar, he'll get Captain Olimar's nose (no pun intended) and his intenna. He will also get the ability to do two different standard special moves. He first uses Pikmin Pluck to get a Pikmin, and right after that, he uses Pikmin Throw. You can't pluck Pikmin and leave them out. Kirby will just pluck one and throw it right after that, wether you wanted him to or not. For info on Captain Olimar, see Olimar. For info on him as a playable character, see Olimar (SSBB).



Features Obtained: A Yoshi Cap

Standard Special Move: Egg Lay

If Kirby swallows the green dinosaur, he will earn a cute Yoshi cap. You will also be able to use Egg Lay to attack your opponents with. For information on Yoshi, see Yoshi. For more info on Yoshi in Brawl, see Yoshi (SSBB).



Features Obatined: Princess Peach's Crown

Standard Special Move: Toad

When Kirby swallows Peach he sports an adorable crown from the Princess. He is able to use Toad to block attacks. To see what Peach does in the Smash Bros. series check out Princess Peach. For information about her Brawl appearance look at Princess Peach (SSBB).



Features Obtained: Pit's Headpiece and Wings

Standard Special Move: Palutena's Arrow

If Kirby uses Inhale on the Hero-from-Heaven, Pit, he will be granted Palutena's Arrow to shoot at opponents. Pit's headpiece and wings will now be on Kirby. For info regarding Pit, see Pit. For info about Pit being a playable character, see Pit (SSBB).



Features Obtained: Ness's Baseball Cap

Standard Special Move: PK Flash

If Kirby copies the renowned hero of Onett, Kirby will now have PSI powers at his control. Kirby's Inhale move is now PK Flash, and he sports Ness's baseball cap (no pun intended). For information regarding Ness, see Ness. For info about Ness in Brawl, see Ness (SSBB).



Features Obtained: Snake's Headband and Beard-Mustache combo

Standard Special Move: Hand Grenade

When Kirby inhales Solid Snake he gets a beard-mustache combo & headband. He will also be able to throw grenades. For info about Snake, see Snake. Snake (SSBB) is a place to find info about brawl appearence.



Features Obtained: Bower's Hair, Eyebrows, and Horns

Special Move: Fire Breath

When he inhales Bowser, Kirby gets the hair, eyebrows, and horns of the evil King Koopa. He now has the power to use Firebreath. For info on Bowser, see Bowser. For info regarding him in Brawl, see Bowser (SSBB).



Features Obtained: Wario's Helmet

Standard Special Move: Chomp

If Kirby inhales the fat enemy of Mario he will sport a cool helmet worn by Wario himself. You will also be able to use the special move Chomp. Wario is a place to find info about him. Wario (SSBB) is about his Brawl appearance.

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