This article is about Kirby's different Copy abilities in Super Smash Bros. To see the other abilities from the other games, see Copy Abilities (SSBM), Copy Abilities (SSBB), and Copy Abilities (SSBWU/3DS). To see the move, see Inhale.

In every Super Smash Bros. game so far, Kirby has had the ability to copy any other characters' standard-special move with his Neutral-B attack, Inhale. If another Kirby is swallowed, only damage is dealt, but Kirby can steal a copy ability off the enemy Kirby, if they had one. When Kirby copies one of his opponents, he will also bear a resemblance of that character in the form of a hat of some kind, which usually show a prominent part of the character copied, and oftentimes mimics their voices/sounds. When performing copied attacks, Kirby will also use the same weapons and poses as their owners.

Kirby can choose to discard the ability at any time by using his taunt, though he may also lose it when taking damage. Below are Kirby's appearances when he copies the other characters in Super Smash Bros.

CharacterFeatures ObtainedSpecial MoveNotes
Captain FalconKirby cfalcon ssbC. Falcon's helmetFalcon PunchImitates the famous "Falcon Punch!" shout. This imitation has become famous in its own right.
Donkey KongSuper Smash Bros. (U) snap0085Donkey Kong's fur and hairGiant Punch
FoxKirby fox ssbFox's ears and helmetBlaster
JigglypuffKirby jigglypuff ssbJigglypuff's ears and hair tuftPoundThis Kirby hat is whatever colour Kirby is, instead of Jigglypuff pink. This is the only hat in this game to have such a property.
LinkKirby link ssbLink's floppy capBoomerangLooks similar to Sword Kirby, since the Sword Kirby hat is likely a reference to Link. The attack is similar to Kirby's Cutter ability from his own games.
LuigiKirby luigi ssbLuigi's capFireballWhat makes it different from Mario's is that Luigi's Fireball is not affected by gravity, so they fly straight forward no matter what the conditions are.
MarioKirby mario ssbMario's capFireball
NessKirby ness ssbNess's baseball capPK FireImitates Ness saying "PK Fire. Kirby also does not wear the hat exactly as Ness does; he wears it backwards, whereas Ness wears it sideways. This may be a reference to Yo-Yo Kirby, Wheel Kirby, and/or Paint Kirby.
PikachuKirby pikachew ssbA hat of Pikachu's head and tailThunder Jolt
SamusKirby samus ssbSamus' helmet (covering whole body)Charge Shot
YoshiKirby yoshi ssbA hat of Yoshi's headEgg LayOddly enough, Kirby grows a second tongue to use Egg Lay.
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