Throughout the series, players of the Super Smash Bros. series have used many controllers.

Nintendo 64 Controller

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This was the first controller to be used in Super Smash Bros.

Now that Super Smash Bros. has become available as an emulator on PC, many players use a standard keyboard to play, as this version of the game features an online mode, so it's popularity has increased, yet, Nintendo 64 controllers specifically designed for the PC are scarce. Many players grow easily accustomed to it in a matter of a few hours of practice.

GameCube Controller

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For Melee, this was the only controller one could use.

The GameCube Controller was also be used as one of the four options of playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This option was most likely made for people accustomed to Melee's controls.

Wii Remote

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The remote is used on its side, much like an NES controller. Most gamers believe that having the remote on its side is too simplistic to be used for a complex game like Super Smash Bros..

Wii Remote + Nunchuk

The Nunchuk is inserted into the bottom of the Wii Remote for games too complex for the remote alone. Movement is assigned to the Nunchuk's Analog stick, while A and B button attacks are assigned to the A and B button on the Remote and grabbing is performed by Pressing A and B together. By default, Taunts are assigned to combinations of the 1 and 2 buttons. An option exclusive to this configuration is Shake Smash, the ability to do a smash attack by flicking the Wii Remote in a similar fashion to using the C-Stick. This has made using a smash attack easier, as there can be times where one intends to use a tilt but instead uses a smash, and vice versa.

In steady hands, this controller boasts the advantage of reducing work for the right hand by allowing the player to jump with the C button, as well as the aforementioned Shake Smash, all making the player take their fingers off A and B a lot less.

Classic Controller

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Classic Controllers were released especially for the Wii's Virtual Console (the right-side buttons are much like the buttons on a Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller); however, it has also been revealed as a control scheme for Brawl. Overall, the default setup mimics that of the Gamecube Controller. Some may consider it difficult to handle in comparison to the Gamecube Controller, due to the difference in its button placement.

Now that Super Smash Bros. has been added as a Virtual Console game, the Classic Controller and the Gamecube Controller can be used to play it.

Controller compatibility chart

SSB (Nintendo 64) SSBM (Nintendo GameCube) SSBB (Wii)
Nintendo 64 Controller YesY NoN NoN
GameCube Controller YesY (VC only) YesY YesY
Wii Remote NoN NoN YesY
Wii Remote & Nunchuk NoN NoN YesY
Classic Controller YesY (VC only) NoN YesY
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