Continuing is the act of paying a predetermined number of coins, as well as half of the points earned in order to gain an extra set of lives in Single Player modes like the 1P Game, Classic Mode, Adventure Mode and All-Star Mode (after losing all their lives). It is generally frowned upon, and very few unlockables allow the player to continue. The player is not allowed to continue in Boss Battles Mode after using up their stock (and get an extra set of lives), as it is a Stadium game.

If the player selects "yes" for Classic and All-Star modes, these events occur:

  • The total score is divided in half.
  • The score gains one point for the amount of times the player continues.
  • The player will lose an amount of coins depending on the difficulty:
    • Easy - 10
    • Normal - 20
    • Hard - 30
    • Very Hard - 50
    • Intense - 100

If the player cleared any difficulties in Classic Mode, Adventure Mode and All-Star Mode by using continues, the player gets -20,000 points.

If the player chooses "Get Up" in the Subspace Emissary these events occur:

  • The player's number of stickers and trophies (also counts for Enemy-turned Trophies) is cut in half, although collectibles acquired from Orange Cubes and CDs are still in the player's collection.
  • Players will have to start all over again from the first door where he/she lost all of his/her stock.
  • The amount of coins for clearing that stage is deducted.

Otherwise, if the player selects "Back to Map" instead, the player will still keep some of the stickers and trophies collected.

If the player selects quit, it's game over.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

SSBM Game Over Table

The trophy of the character you were using falls on the table.

Here on the black background with the text "Game Over" and "Smash Brothers." planes placed on the top and the left, the character's trophy falls from between the three silver text planes and lands onto the red lined table which the bar is formed by the red line drawing itself around the fading chisel box background and the "Continue?" text appear one by one, before the "Yes" and "No" buttons appear one at a time next to the "Continue" bar unless "Game Over" occurs at the point. In unusual cases after the trophy lands, the trophy stands up with the score being reduced and gain extra lives or it can lead to a Game Over and returning to the menu where the player entered the screen from.

What happens when you try to Continue with less or no coins in Melee?

What happens when you try to Continue with less or no coins in Melee?

Regarding the "Yes" button, the player must have enough coins before it can be selected otherwise it will play an error sound leaving only the "No" button selectable.

In Classic and Adventure, they require these amount of coins for Continues:

  • Very Easy - 1
  • Easy - 2
  • Normal - 3
  • Hard - 5
  • Very Hard - 10

All Star mode always require 10 coins regardless of the selected difficulty.

On load, the coins are checked with the required amount which then a state is put in place determining whether the player's allowed to continue onto the stage where it lost the match in depending on how many coins the player has.

The player is usually given options to Continue, but the player will not have a choice to do so and three unusual actions are done if the player doesn't have enough coins or no coins at all. The Continue animation elements will be hidden (though the "Yes" and "No" buttons are already hidden), the music and the announcer voice effects will not play, then it goes straight to a Game Over after the trophy lands.

If "Yes" is selected, the score will be deducted in half and subtract the current coins (when selected by the player's choice); If they pick "No", the announcer will shout "GAME OVER!" along with the text planes moving from the left to the right and the three will drop to the bottom below the table.

If the player used all fourteen starter characters through a Game Over, they will have an opportunity to unlock Marth.

This menu can also be accessed through the Debug menu under the name of "EASYEND" located in the "KIM" directory, but the coins, requirement coins are randomized and the score is set to 99999.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Brawl's Classic Mode, the player's are taken to a screen with big pixels of grey and white with red text. Most events are similar to Melee, except for when "No" is picked, the announcer says "game over" quieter than the Melee announcer.

The player gets a Game Over immediately if they do not have enough coins or no coins at all or if they're playing Boss Battle mode.

In TSE, one, two, or three of your character's trophies fall down and the player has the three choices listed above.

If the player picks "Quit", the screens scrolls up before the announcer says "Game Over". They are then asked if they want to save.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

A game over happens before Continue appears in the 3DS version. In both versions, the scale will knock over the trophy. Gold is seen falling off the scale unless you are playing on 2.1 or lower. The difficulty will go down unless you are playing 2.0 or lower. The announcer will say "Continue?" after that in the Wii U version and before that in the 3DS version. If the player picks No, final results will appear.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

To continue, the player has to either pay coins or use a Classic Ticket. Paying with coins starts reducing the intensity until it is played on 2.0 or lower and a Classic Ticket will keep the intensity. If the player picks Quit, the same thing will happen when selecting No in Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS continue screen.


  • Super Smash Bros. and The Subspace Emissary do not require coins to continue.
    • Oddly, when a continue is used in The Subspace Emissary, the player's score will go up by 1 point.
v1.00 v1.01 v1.02 PAL
0019FD4B 00000000 001A044B 00000000 001A0A93 00000000 001A15F3 00000000
When enabled, set the coins in Debug menu (if also enabled) to 0 and try it out when you lose all stock in any Regular Match mode.
  • If "Yes" was selected by default when the player doesn't have enough coins to Continue in Melee, the coins will not be taken away, but the score will still divide in half and leaves one point from the amount of times a Continue's been used. That can be tested using the AR codes below:
v1.00 v1.01 v1.02 PAL
Default Automatic Continue option is Yes
0419EA24 3800003c
0419EA28 386db040
0419EA2C 90030004
0419EA30 48000010
0019EA43 00000009
0419EA7C 38000000
0019F593 40820018
0419F124 3800003c
0419F128 386db040
0419F12C 90030004
0419F130 48000010
0019F143 00000009
0419F17C 38000000
001A0393 00000018
0419f76c 3800003c
0419f770 386db040
0419f774 90030004
0419f778 48000010
0019f78B 00000009
0419f7c4 38000000
001a09db 00000018
041a02cc 3800003c
041a02d0 386db040
041a02d4 90030004
041a02d8 48000010
001a02eb 00000009
041a0324 38000000
001a153b 00000018


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