Results of a conquest round.

Conquests are a system in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U's With Anyone online modes. While a conquest is ongoing, the game aggregates global wins among specific groups of characters (known as teams) in With Anyone during a limited time, and determines the victor based on the number of wins. Players automatically participate in Conquest when playing With Anyone, and there is no way to otherwise prevent their data from being sent. After contributing points to a certain team or character, players cannot contribute again until 16 hours have passed. Upon the conquest being completed, going to the conquest menu will reveal the overall results and potentially provide rewards. Starting on January 2017, previous popular conquests will be played. In addition, it will be more likely to earn custom parts as a prize.

Old versions of the 3DS version allowed players to look at results in real-time as data was being collected. Version 1.0.3, however, removed this functionality, and obscures all percentages until the results are tallied. The Wii U version includes this by default.

Conquests are not shared across both versions of the game; the red team might win a conquest on 3DS while the blue team wins the same one on Wii U. On a few occasions, the Wii U has had a conquest that the 3DS did not run, leaving 3DS owners with no conquest to participate in at the time. It is also possible for both versions to run different conquests, though this has not happened thus far.

If a player contributes to more than one team in a conquest, then they will only receive rewards if they contributed the most points to the winning team and the end of the results.

Characters who have not been unlocked will still be shown in the conquest display. Characters that are only available via downloadable content can still appear in conquests.


Points earned by players depend on their results. The rate at which points are gained do not differ between modes and are as follows:

  • Getting a KO in any match grants 1 point per KO. If an opponent SD's, it will not count as a KO or a point.
  • 4 more points are added if a match is won.
  • In a Team Battle, 1 point is added for every KO a teammate gets.

Additionally, participating in a match will always add 1 point regardless of the match's results. The most points that can be gained in 1v1 is 6. The maximum value in Team Battle or Smash varies.

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