A command grab is a special move that when used will grab an opponent that the move connects with. Often times an attack animation will follow the grab automatically; some of these attacks, such as Flying Slam, can be directed to land in a certain position on the stage through directional inputs once the grab occurs. Some command grabs can be used to kill both the grabbed opponent and the user of the move; this strategy is commonly known to be used by Ganondorf players because the grabbed opponent will always die before Ganondorf does, ending the game quickly and before the game has a chance to register Ganondorf's death.


Command Grabs
Move Name User 'X-Cide'? Dies?
Egg Lay Yoshi No N/A
Falcon Dive Captain Falcon No N/A
Dark Dive Ganondorf No N/A
Flame Choke Ganondorf Yes Opponent
Chomp Wario Yes Varies
Flying Slam Bowser Yes Bowser
Inhale Kirby and King Dedede Yes Opponent

In Competitive Play

The use of command grabs to commit "Bowsercides", "Ganoncides", and "Kirbycides" is not banned in tournaments and is a legal and legitimate way to get a kill on an opponent. It is a fast way to get a kill and an effective way to punish edge-guarding opponents. Some see this as cheap and discourage its use in tournament-level play, though it is allowed nonetheless.

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