A combo video or compilation video is a video that shows clips of a character doing multiple hits in a row on an opponent during the course of a match. These clips are removed from the context of the entire match they came from, and are edited together by the video's creator, which can be the person who performed the combos, or a different person entirely. These clips are usually set to music and typically given an intro and/or ending credits to give recognition to the video creator and the player being showcased.

Many professional level players have combo videos created by fans. Many intermediate level players make their own videos to show their skill.

Combo videos entered the Smash Scene in 2004, and the number of videos has grown at an increasing rate over time.


These videos are ordered by full roster.

Life of a Plumber 2 Fear - Mario

Jungle Beat, Get Hit, Don't Care - Donkey Kong

Linkaggedon - Link

Dairdevil - Samus

Ground Zero, Whip Of Terror, Stun Whip 2 - Zero Suit Samus

Kirby - Kirby

Perfect Chaos IV - Fox

I wear a cool bandana, Project Jericho - Pikachu

Messiah, Just Do It - Marth

9-Bit - Mr. Game & Watch

The Blue Missle, Best of Blayd - Luigi

Diddy Kong King, Chimps Ahoy - Diddy Kong

Resolute Princess, Princess of Light - Zelda

The Triforce Of Style - Sheik

Heaven Can Wait Too pro for you 2, Maestro Arrow - Pit

Relentless - Meta Knight

Don't try me, Dayum - Falco

Don't Work - Pokémon Trainer

Blazing Sword - Ike

Final Mission - Snake

Precision, Undairrated, High Heels, Higher Power, A Ballroom Brawl - Peach

Eggs of Steel, The Puicyance, A Bwett Dream - Yoshi

The Story of the Boot, What Ganon's Up To - Ganondorf

Out of Sync, 2vs1 - Ice Climbers

No Fat Chicks, Ultimate Hammer - King Dedede

Hat Trick - Wolf

The Aura Disciple - Lucario

Magic Cake, Don't Mess With Ness - Ness

Act 3: Art of speed, Up, Over, and Gone!, Sonic Got A Lvl UP - Sonic

Thriller, Koopa Style - Bowser

Man of the Minute - Wario

Truth or Dair, Flow - Toon Link

Plank Bot, Spammer! 4 - R.O.B.

Crash Landing 2 - Captain Olimar

Knee of the north Star - Captain Falcon

Pink Nightmare - Jigglypuff

PK Powah! - Lucas


Universal/Crew Combo Video(s)


What Rank You

Very-Azn (Variation)

Step it Up a Generation

Unexpected Surprise

Dissension Reborn

United we Blaze

Divided We Stand

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