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Co-op mode is a mode where the player can get another player to help him or her with 1-Player mode over Wifi or directly.

Over an Internet Connection

Over the Internet, a player can get others to help with the Home-run Contest game mode and the Multi-Man Brawl game mode.

At Home

You can get a friend to help you with the Subspace Emissary, All-Star Mode, Boss Battles, Target Test, Home-run Contest, or Multi-Man Brawl.

Subspace Emissary

The character allowance stays the same, but first player gets three characters (5 in the Great Maze) and the other gets one, rather than 1 player getting all of them. This can make things easier or harder depending on the stage the players are on. If they are on a stage that has lots of enemies, this can help because there are twice the amount of people helping to defeat the enemies and one more person that they have to gang up on. But on other stages, such as stages with a boss, this can be a burden. For example, if Tabuu uses his Off Waves attack, both the players may be KO'd, thus losing the players 2 characters rather than just one. Note that player 2 can join at anytime by pressing the start or + button.

All Star Mode

If two players attempt to do All Star Mode, they will go though the normal format with a few minor changes such as:

  • The final foe-Olimar now has a second Olimar to help him out.
  • If one of the players is KO'd, the other player cannot continue on his own, it is as if both players have been defeated.
  • Instead of having 3 heart containers, the players now have five, the two extras being below the platforms that hold the normal three.
  • At the end of the event, you get a combine two-player score instead of the two scores being recorded onto both the characters, although you receive both the trophies.

Boss Battles

Like All Star, Boss Battles has a very similar format to 1 player Boss Battles but has a few slight differences such as:

  • Like All Star, if one player is KO'd, the other may not carry on by his or herself.
  • Also like All Star, there are more Heart Containers.
  • Again like All Star there is only one final score rather than two to be recorded onto the character.

Target Test, Multi Man Brawl and Home-Run Contest

  • Target Test and Multi Man Brawl are pretty much the same format, only there are two people playing rather than one.
  • Home-Run Contest can be played either with both players combined or one player after the other.
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