The True All-Star Battle is the twenty-first and last co-op event in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In this event, the players have to KO the entire playable crew of Brawl.


The order of the opponents is based on the order of the characters' first appearance in the series: the SSB fighters appear first, followed by the SSBM ones, and lastly the SSBB ones. Within these groups, unlockable characters appear after the starter ones and third-party characters appear last (with the curious exception of Wolf, who appears last); while the SSB fighters appear in the order from said game's selection screen, the order of the other two groups has no clear pattern. Characters with alternate forms will only appear once in either form. Both players have one stock and if one player gets KO'd, the other can still continue until they are KO'd or clear the event. As would be expected, the opponents are at a lower handicap than the players, and are particularly vulnerable to attacks with high base knockback. The music on this stage is Menu 1, which is unusual because it normally only plays on the menu screen.


  • Although the event's background shows Final Destination, the battle is fought on the Battlefield.
  • Although Zero Suit Samus didn't appear in the original Super Smash Bros., she appears instead of the original version with the Power Suit.