The R.O.B.'s of Tomorrow is the 10th Co-op Event Match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Player 1 controls Lucario, while Player 2 controls Ice Climbers. The two players need to work together to KO five R.O.B.s total. However, the R.O.B.s are not all the same size. The first R.O.B. is normal-sized, and the next R.O.B.s are successively bigger, ending with a giant R.O.B. as the fourth opponent. The last R.O.B. is quite small.


Order of R.O.Bs

  • First - Normal
  • Second - Slightly Bigger
  • Third - Slightly Bigger
  • Fourth - Giant
  • Fifth - Normal


  • A grammar mistake is made in the name, the apostrophe should be left out as it is plural, not possessive
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