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Clubberskulls (デススカル? Deathskull in Japan) are enemies from the Kid Icarus series.

In Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

Clubberskull Smash Run

A sealed Clubberskull.

Clubberskulls appear as enemies in Smash Run. They appear locked in a skull with chains on it. Once it is hurt in any way (cannonballed enemies, or even a simple attack), it will break and release a heart-like monster with two arms. They'll usually roar upon being freed, knocking players up, and uses high damage combo attacks with its arms. It has a very high aggression range, searching for players and even jumping obstacles in an attempt to reach them. Like in Uprising, Clubberskulls do not care about their allies, and will kill them in their attempts to reach the player.

Clubberskulls in the event "Wanted!" and in enemy squads already come in unlocked form. If a player decides to take on a Clubberskull, defeat them quickly with high-damaging abilities/powers and roll consistently to avoid their attacks. Killing a Clubberskull results in a beam of light rather than the cannonball effect most other enemies have, and will reward the player with three 200+ one-stat boosters.

Trophy Description

These enormous beasts armed with giant skulls are usually kept locked up, but you can set them free just by attacking them. We should mention, though, that you can't grab or launch them and they're super powerful. What? You already released it? Defeat it, then, and earn lots of stat boosts and prizes!

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