Climhazzard (クライムハザード, Kuraimu Hazādo) is Cloud's Up Special Move. Cloud dashes forward and does an upward slash with the Buster Sword, propelling him directly up.


The move itself functions like a mix between Ike's Aether and Shulk's Air Slash: if the sword hits, Cloud will stab and launch the opponent upwards. Pressing the special button again will send Cloud down similar to Kirby's Final Cutter.

While a good attack move, Climhazzard gains very little vertical distance, making it a poor recovery. It also gains no horizontal distance, and has high ending lag, preventing Cloud from using it again quickly after taking damage. Pressing the special move button again while recovering is very detrimental, as it will usually send Cloud plummeting to his death.

When Limit Break is active, his vertical recovery will be greatly increased, the screen will shake upon activation, and the sword trail will be blue. This version propels Cloud extremely high, and also allows him to control his horizontal trajectory, and also allows him instantly grab the ledge. These combined attributes of the Limit Break version of Climhazzard grants Cloud one of the best recoveries in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

However, Climhazzard is Cloud's only means of recovery, and a very hard one to maneuver, that requires practice to master. Unlike most recovery moves, it will not cause Cloud to instantly latch on the ledge during its ascent; he will only grab it once the move reaches maximum height, or uses it directly to the side and near the ledge. Pressing B a second time when recovering can lead to a death if you don't space it correctly. This, and another unique property of Climhazzard (preventing Cloud from teching a stage spike at any time during the animation), makes Cloud very susceptible to edge-guarding. The recovery granted by this move can get the job done if Cloud is near the edge, but in any other situation he will need the Limit Break version of the move to recover reliably.

On the other hand, the move is also an effective damage racker tool, capable of Meteor Smashing opponents during the descending hit; it can be a great combo finisher or a surprise attack for opponents approaching from the front. Pressing the button again after reaching maximum height will send Cloud back down with a second attack, which is a great way to launch opponents caught in the first slash. This should not be done off-stage, otherwise Cloud can easily suicide.

Climhazzard is also a good edge-guarding tool, catching opponents trying to recover high with it and then launching them off-stage again with the second slash. The momentum from the Climhazzard will be able to keep Cloud moving through the air for a little while even after the attack ends. The attack itself with the Limit Break version does deal more damage and can kill near the ceiling, but the second slash will not reliably hit because opponents are not carried all the way up with Cloud as with the normal version of the move, since the first hit gains a knockback boost in the Limit Break version.


Climhazzard is the second LEVEL 2 Limit Break for Cloud in Final Fantasy VII, and also featured as one of his skills in Final Fantasy Tactics and Bravery Attack in Dissidia Final Fantasy. He would dash into the enemy and stab them with his sword before performing the rising slash. The ground slam was introduced in Dissidia Final Fantasy, where he was only able to use it on the ground. In Final Fantasy VII, it would be available after using Blade Beam seven times. Its Limit Charge variation is a reference to its variant shown in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, where Cloud used it as the finishing blow to an antagonistic summoned Bahamut SIN.

Climhazzard has also become a recurring attack mainly used by the Knight class in other Final Fantasy games, though it originated as a Limit Break for Cloud. Its appearances are almost directly related to the appearance of the character himself.

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Up Special Climhazzard
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