The Clawshot Routine is a specially created version of the Longshot Death. It has the same primary idea, but used differently. Link is the only character able to perform it, but Toon Link can use a different version, the Hookshot Maneuver. It was created by SmasherLink.

How to Perform

There are 3 ways to perform this. Some are easy, but some are harder.

Way I

Use the clawshot, then kick back, repeat 2 more times. Then use the grab, send the opponent upwards, use the Up Smash, dodge any opposing attack, and finally use a half to fully powered attack after sending them to the edge.

Way II

Use the pummel attack with the clawshot, repeat once more, then send the opponent skyward, and use an attack (non-smash). Use Link's S-Smash, and repeat once more, and finally use the clawshot to send them backwards (at the edge) and prepare a full on Spin attack or side smash.


Note: This is the hardest of them all.

Use the clawshot once, (pummel optional) then use hits that coop with the attack, while keeping the opponent airborne. Then use a clawshot (ground), then air attack and finally, use Link's down thrust.

Hookshot Maneuver

As mentioned above, Toon Link can use a different way, but there is only one way to perform this, and it is extremely hard.

Use Toon Link's hookshot, pummel, throw up, use his down air 3x, a spin attack, and finally finish with a hookshot (or 4) attack.

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