Chomp (Japanese: Wario Bite - ワリオかみつき, Wariokamitsuki) is Wario's Neutral Special Move. Wario opens his mouth and bites forward, and if he catches an opponent he will hold them in his mouth and bite them repeatedly.


The bite itself is non-damaging, except against the Subspace Army; something has to go in Wario's open mouth for it to have any effect. This acts as a grab, and can hit shielding enemies. If the button is held down, his mouth stays open briefly, making it possible to grab anyone who moves into range. While grabbed, Wario can bite by pressing the Special Move button, dealing a small amount of damage each time. The higher the enemy's damage, the more times Wario can bite. This can also be used to block Snake's recovery instead of taking a bit of damage. However, since this attack acts like a grab, the opponent can mash buttons to get released from the bite quicker.

Chomp can also be used to eat items and projectiles, up to 3 if Wario is close enough. He can even eat multiple items at once (both items will be seen in his mouth as he lifts them up to swallow them). Wario can do nothing and simply swallow the projectile or item. If it is a status or recovery item like a Superspicy Curry or a Heart Container, Wario will immediately gain its effect. Some items like a Bob-omb are damaging to Wario, dealing 6% damage, but damaging anyone in blast range for about double that. Using Chomp on items doesn't seem to decrease the amount of time for the Wario Waft, contrary to rumours. Any object that can be picked up (Link/Snake's bombs/grenades, Peach's Turnips, Diddy Kong's Peanuts/Banana Peels, Waddle Dees/Doos etc.) can be eaten by Chomp. The three exceptions to this are Mr. Saturn, Pokéballs (as well as any holdable Pokémon inside, such as Bonsly and Electrode), and the Smash Ball (which can't be picked up with a single button press).

Wario's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Chomp
Side Special Wario Bike
Up Special Corkscrew
Down Special Wario Waft
Final Smash Wario-Man

Custom Variations

In Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, Chomp can be customized to become Inhaling Chomp or Garlic Breath.

Inhaling Chomp

Inhaling Chomp pulls in enemies at a greater range, allowing Wario to do it from farther away, but it won't do as much damage.


  • Greater range
  • Pulls opponents in


  • Greater ending and starting lag
  • Less damage

The Inhaling Chomp is for fans of King Dedede's Inhale move. It pulls opponents in from a short distance but has increased range from the regular Chomp. However, it deals less damage when it connects and it takes a bit for the inhaling effect to begin, giving the move high starting lag as well as the move itself being slow to stop.

Garlic Breath

Garlic Breath won't chop down on enemies, but will instead exhale at short range, making nearby opponents pass out.


  • Greater knockback growth
  • Causes tripping, dizziness at closer range, setting up for kills
  • Greater range
  • Good on edge


  • Higher starting and ending lag
  • Cannot eat items or motorcycle
  • Less damage
  • Difficult to land

Garlic Breath is a difficult move to land because of its higher starting lag, which can leave Wario open if not used correctly. However, the move can leave opponents open to attack as well when it hits them. It causes opponents to trip whe hit with the move at greatest range while inflicting dizziness at close range. These effects can leave opponents open to a kill move like a smash attack. The move has greater range and getting hit at greatest range not only causes tripping, but can knock opponents a great distance across the stage. Unfortunately the move cannot be used to eat items, projectiles, and Wario's Bike, which is important to charge up the Waft faster and get rid of the bike on stage so Wario can use his side special to recover. Garlic Breath deals less damage but is excellent for us on the edge since properly spacing it can cause opponents getting up or ledge attacking to be knocked off stage or dizzied to be launched off stage again. The important thing to remember when using this move is that it gives up much of the Chomp's versatility for the ability to set-up kills.

Wario's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Inhaling Chomp Garlic Breath
Side Special Speeding Bike Burying Bike
Up Special Widescrew Corkscrew Leap
Down Special Rose-Scented Waft Quick Waft


This move seems to be inspired by one of Wario's abilities in Wario World, Hyper Suction, where he opens up his mouth and inhales to suck in coins. It doesn't allow him to eat up items or to chew up enemies like in Brawl, though. It may also be inspired by a microgame from the original WarioWare where Wario has to chomp on a hotdog to win.

The custom variation Inhaling Chomp is actually closer in function to that of the Hyper Suction ability.


  • This and several other otherwise offensive moves are useless in Home-run Contest, with the exception of being able to eat the bat.
  • If Wario grabs a Super Mushroom and uses this attack, the opponent will spin in his mouth.
  • Despite the general nature of Chomp, Kirby gains no teeth if he copies the move.
  • Wario will not say anything when he executes this move, although when Kirby copies this ability, he will say "AH-UM!" when he uses it.
  • When Wario eats a large item, such as a crate, barrel or even his own Wario Bike, he often will say "Aaagh!"
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