Charge Blast (ガンナーチャージ) is the Mii Gunner's default Neutral Special Move. The Mii Gunner generates a green energy projectile. It can be charged by pressing the Special Move button, releasing will make the gunner to fire, or press any direction to save it, similar to Samus' Charge Shot. It deals 23% damage when fully charged.



  • Charges up quickly
  • Great damage
  • Good speed
  • Charge can be stored


  • Slow firing rate
  • Cannot be charged in the air

Charge Shot is a great move if a player likes a relatively fast projectile that can dish out some good damage with a bit of charging. The Charge Blast charges up pretty fast, completely charging in just 4 seconds. If a player wanted to spam the move though, this would be very difficult due to its slow firing rate. The projectile itself moves pretty fast and deals over 20% damage when fully charged. Unfortunately it cannot be charged up in the air. The charge can be stored though, increasing the damage if it were to be used in the air.

Mii Gunner's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Charge Blast
Laser Blaze
Grenade Launch
Side Special Flame Pillar
Stealth Burst
Gunner Missile
Up Special Lunar Launch
Cannon Uppercut Cannon Jump Kick
Arm Rocket
Down Special Echo Reflector
Bomb Drop
Absorbing Vortex
Final Smash Full Blast