A character matchup, or a counter, is a prediction on how two characters would fare against each other in tournament settings. For example, the matchup between Meta Knight and Peach favors Meta Knight. This list does not mean that a character has no chance of beating another character in any match, or that players cannot beat a certain character while using any certain character. In addition, this chart does not directly affect tier rankings, nor is it influenced by a character's tier ranking. It simply shows what the general outcome would be if two players with exactly the same skill level played each other and used specific characters.

Below is a chart for Super Smash Bros. Brawl obtained from Smash World Forums. The chart is subject to change and current as of June 29, 2012 To use it, choose a character from the left side. That characters are displayed in the corresponding row. Since the "think tanks" of the two characters may not agree, there may be a slightly different number listed as the opposite matchup.

The numbers displayed in the cells refer to their respective row's (horizontal) character's ability to defeat their respective column's (vertical) character.

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