Chakram (チャクラム) is Mii Swordfighter's third Side Special Move. The Mii Swordfighter throws a chakram forwards, and can control its direction, even stopping it in midair. If the chakram falls on the ground it will remain there for a time but cannot be picked up. It's faster and stronger if used like a Smash attack.



  • Projectile attack
  • Great range
  • Faster and farther when used like a smash attack
  • Can be angled up and down
  • Normal version is a multi-hit attack; deals more damage than smash input


  • Normal version is slower and shorter-ranged
  • Not too much damage on the projectile

Chakram is a move that gives players lots of options both from afar and in close-quarters. The smash attack version is a longer-ranged projectile that flies out faster. The normal version is a slower projectile with a shorter range but it hits multiple times and deals more damage to opponents, making it a good move to space opponents that get too close. The projectile itself doesn't deal too much damage, but it makes up for this in the fact that it is so versatile. It can be angled up or down both on the ground and in the air, making it good on the edge and for aerial combat alike.

Mii Swordfighter's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
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Shuriken of Light
Blurring Blade
Side Special Airborne Assault
Slash Launcher Gale Stab
Up Special Stone Scabbard
Skyward Slash Dash
Hero's Spin
Down Special Blade Counter
Reversal Slash
Power Thrust
Final Smash Final Edge