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|hometo = [[Ike (SSBB)|Ike]] <br> [[Marth (SSBB)|Marth]]
|hometo = [[Ike (SSBB)|Ike]] <br> [[Marth (SSBB)|Marth]]
|availability = [[Starter stage|Starter]]
|availability = [[Starter stage|Starter]]
|cratetype = Normal
|brawlsingles = Neutral/Counter-pick
|brawlsingles = Neutral/Counter-pick
|brawldoubles = Neutral/Counter-pick
|brawldoubles = Neutral/Counter-pick

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Unveiled at E3 2006, Castle Siege is a Fire Emblem stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl based upon themes and motifs from the series as a whole, rather than one particular title, due to the stage not resembling any game of the series.

When the match begins, players begin the fight on a small section of the unnamed castle's roof, which is bombarded by heavy fire from catapults. Eventually the floor shatters as the castle defenses waver and players fall into the throne room, which has breakable statues, four platforms and a solid floor with no drop-off points. Two platforms are held in place by destructible statues, just like Luigi's Mansion, which means that this could cause problems for projectile usage. There are also two hanging cloth emblems above serving as platforms. Players later fall again into the underground, which contains one stone platform balancing on a stone spire in the midst of a lava cavern. A part of this area is slightly elevated. After a while the stage will transition back to the top of the castle.


Rather than a specific event in Fire Emblem, this stage represents a running motif throughout the series. However, three allusions to FE9-10 (Ike's games) are made, those being:

  • Halbierders, a Radiance-saga exclusive class, can be seen.
  • An armored figure resembling the Black Knight is seated on the throne.

Songs in My Music

  • Fire Emblem Theme
  • With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1)
  • Attack
  • Preparing to Advance
  • Winning Road - Roy's Hope
  • Shadow Dragon Medley
  • Ike's Theme
  • Against the Dark Knight
  • Crimean Army Sortie
  • Power-Hungry Fool
  • Victory is Near
  • Fire Emblem (Melee)

Songs in bold must be unlocked

Stage Changes

The "changing stage" effects of Castle Siege occur at regular intervals. For example, the initial siege setting lasts until approximately 40 seconds into the match. These changes can have the effect of saving a character who would have been otherwise unable to recover. This is particularly useful for Bowser players attempting a stalled Flying Slam or Ganondorf players attempting a stalled aerial Flame Choke, among others.


  • Pokémon Trainer stands in the little parapet on the right when he's on the first tier of the stage, if there are 3 or 4 pokemon trainers, 2 will stand in the litle parapet on the right, while the other 2 will stand in the little parapet in the background.
  • Though not officially from any one Fire Emblem title, the stage sports flags similar to that of Daein, the antagonist army from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. In addition, Haliberdiers, who are unique to the Radiance saga, can be seen in the background of the second tier. This caused controversy during Super Smash Bros Brawl trailer of Ike's appearance.
  • During the throne room phase, someone who bears a striking resemblance to the Black Knight can be seen sitting on the throne in the background.
  • Pausing the game while the stage is going through a transition will end the transition quickly, since the game continues to load the stage as the game is paused. A similar effect happens with special moves that involve character switching.
  • If a match on Castle Siege goes into Sudden Death, it will begin on whichever tier the match ended on, not necessarily the top level. This is likely done so the game doesn't have to reload the top level before Sudden Death.


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