Carpet-bombing refers to an advanced technique in Super Smash Bros. Melee that allows Samus to drop multiple bombs within a short frame of time.


Typically if Samus uses a bomb while touching an opponent, she will hit the opponent or their shield with the bomb and be popped up into the air. However the same mechanics that allow this can be exploited in such a way to drastically reduce the ending lag of Samus’ down special. This is most notably done by players as a means of drastic shield pressure if performed quickly enough. One need simply press down special as fast as possible when correctly aligned with an opponent’s shield. Usage of this in competitive gameplay is often seen in short bursts for both maneuverability and shield pressure.

“Extended Carpet-bomb”

An often overlooked exploit of this same mechanic can be done when the opponent is not using shield. To perform a carpet bomb on an opponent without shield, the opponent must be travelling upwards from a neutral jump directly touching Samus as she performs a down special, while both continue travelling together in the exact same direction. As Samus rises with an opponent, her ending-startup lag resets upon each new hitbox of her opponent she passes by in the same way her bomb lag diminishes against a shield. Performed correctly this can allow Samus to drop around three to four bombs at a time.


A simpler version of this can be done on an opponent standing still if down special is executed once close to the opponent, then a second time when aligned directly with an opponent’s head hitbox. The use of dropping two bombs at a time in this way is sometimes overlooked as a glitch, but is often used competitively as a surprise tactic. Performing an extended carpet-bomb is seldom ever seen due to rare opportunity and lack of knowledge. In addition, the bombs may or may not instantly explode upon contact with the opponent while rising through the air in contrast to when the opponent is shielded. This combined with the ease an opponent can either DI out, attack, or simply move out of alignment with Samus makes extensive carpet-bombing unreliable.

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