This article is about Captain Falcon's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For other uses, see Captain Falcon.
A fighter that possesses both speed and power! But in exchange, he is frequently left open. Being able to successfully land his neutral special, Falcon Punch, can greatly influence the battle in multiplayer matches.
—Description from the Super Smash Blog.

Captain Falcon is a veteran fighter in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, first playable in Super Smash Bros. His return was confirmed at the E3 2018 Conference on June 12, 2018.





Changes from SSBWU/3DS


  • Like other fighters, strong attacks such as Falcon Punch will trigger a dramatic slow-motion effect on 1v1 fights.
  • The racetrack in Blue Falcon has a new texture.

Ground Attacks

Aerial Attacks

Grabs and Throws

Special Attacks

  • Falcon now grabs with one hand during Falcon Dive rather than two.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: Captain Falcon punches forth once, then a second time, and finishes with a knee jab; if the button is pressed quickly enough, he will unleash a flurry of quick punches that finishes with a final strong punch.
  • Forward Tilt: Captain Falcon performs a side kick; can be angled up and down.
  • Up Tilt (Wheel Kick): Captain Falcon performs an axe kick; spikes when sweetspotted.
  • Down Tilt: Captain Falcon kicks low to the ground.
  • Dash Attack: Captain Falcon tackles forwards with a shoulder ram.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: Captain Falcon throws a strong backhanded punch.
  • Up Smash: Captain Falcon performs two high kicks.
  • Down Smash: Captain Falcon kicks forwards, and then kicks behind himself.

Other attacks

  • Floor Attack (Front):
  • Floor Attack (Back):
  • Floor Attack (Trip):
  • Ledge Attack:

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Captain Falcon spins around while kicking forwards twice.
  • Forward aerial (Knee Smash): Captain Falcon powerfully slams forwards with his knee; famously known as the "Knee of Justice"; incredibly powerful when sweetspotted.
  • Back aerial: Captain Falcon strikes behind himself with one arm.
  • Up aerial (Overhead Kick): Captain Falcon kicks overhead.
  • Down aerial: Captain Falcon powerfully stomps downwards with both legs.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: Captain Falcon jabs the opponent with his knee.
  • Forward Throw: Captain Falcon punches the opponent forwards.
  • Back Throw: Captain Falcon tosses the opponent backwards and then kicks them away.
  • Up Throw: Captain Falcon uppercuts the opponent away.
  • Down Throw: Captain Falcon slams the opponent into the ground.

Special Moves

Captain Falcon's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Falcon Punch
Side Special Raptor Boost
Up Special Falcon Dive
Down Special Falcon Kick
Final Smash Blue Falcon


  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Side Taunt:

On-Screen Appearance

Idle Poses

Victory Poses

In competitive play

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Palette Swaps


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