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Captain Falcon (キャプテン・ファルコン, Kyaputen Farukon) appears as an unlockable as he did in Super Smash Bros.

How to unlock

Complete one of the following:

  • Play 70 matches in Brawl, then defeat Captain Falcon
  • Beat Classic Mode on Normal difficulty or higher under 12 minutes, then defeat Captain Falcon
  • Get Captain Falcon to join your party in The Subspace Emissary

Pros and Cons


  • Knee Smash is one of the best F-air killers in the game
  • Forward Smash and Falcon Punch have incredibly high knockback and damage
  • Down Aerial is a powerful spike when sweetspotted
  • Side Special in Midair can spike, and does not automatically kill Falcon when he does this
  • Second Fastest Running speed in the game (second only to Sonic)
  • Up Aerial and Neutral Aerial are quick and have decent range. Back Aerial has powerful knockback
  • Fairly Heavy
  • Has one of the fastest backwards rolls in the game and a good forward roll
  • Low aerial lag
  • Very long jump-canceled usmash, even when executed just after he begins dashing.
  • Down Special has excellent range
  • Can perform a slower but more powerful 180 Falcon Punch which also aids horizontal recovery if used in the air
  • Throws have good chaining
  • Raptor Boost reflects most projectiles
  • Up Special can grab opponents hanging on an edge, and Side B can spike an enemy hanging on the edge
  • Is hard to KO vertically due to fast falling and weight
  • Fast falling lends speed to his air game
  • His running speed and high lateral air speed, allowing him to close great distances with short hop aerials and edge-guard faraway enemies (4th fastest air speed along with Wolf)
  • Highest base falling speed (along with fox and wolf) and 2nd highest fastfalling speed after Link
  • Can Wall Jump
  • Can auto cancel all of his aerials
  • Long combo chains with Standard Move
  • Knee can lock characters in a tumble if not sweetspotted.


  • Fairly large target
  • If Captain Falcon misses with his Side Special on the ground, he lags at the end, shown by tripping.
  • His smashes attacks start off slow, have short range and can be fairly easy to counter with good timing.
  • Several moves are sluggish, especially ground moves.
  • His Knee (Forward Aerial) is weak if not sweetspotted
  • Fairly weak recovery which can be edge-guarded easily.
  • Low overall priority.
  • Lacks projectiles and a reliable way to deal with them.
  • Attacks have short range
  • Greatly suffers from reduced hitstun.

Changes from Melee to Brawl

  • Slighty new design from F-Zero GX, most notably his scarf (from F-ZERO GP Legend).
  • Can perform a reverse Falcon Punch
  • Can no longer Nipple Spike and is now harder to spike in general
  • Mid-air Raptor Boost makes a "leapfrog" effect when attack connects
  • The third hit from his Standard A Combo does little knockback
  • The Falcon Dive travels a bit further and is easier to use as an attack
  • Is no longer the fastest runner, Sonic being the fastest
  • The Knee Smash (forward aerial) is harder to sweet spot and is significantly weaker in terms of knockback
  • His falling speed is significantly lower
  • His scarf is worn on the outside
  • He no longer gains a second jump after using Falcon Kick in the air.
  • His victory theme changed to the finish from F-Zero GX/AX
  • The grab-zone of his Up Special has been increased, making it easier to sweet-spot ledges.
  • Like other characters, his Forward Smash with a Home-Run Bat is unique from one used with other Battering weapons. Because of this, he can now properly use a Home Run Bat for a Homerun Contest.
  • Falcon punch comes out faster but reduced knockback
  • Can aerial Falcon Punch in only one jump
  • No longer a starter character like in Melee
  • Raptor Boost can hit easier
  • Moves seem slower
  • Lower overall priority
  • The Falcon Dive can now grab opponents hanging onto the ledge and break targets in "Target Smash!" mode.


Captain Falcon focuses mainly on Arm and Leg damage. All of his B attacks deal Specials: Direct and his Falcon Punch, Falcon Kick and side smash also do Fire damage. Stacking Specials: Direct, Fire and [Arm and Leg] damage will give his Falcon Punch and Kick an impressive boost. One can make up for Captain Falcon's lack of projectiles with a Carry Ray Gun or even a Carry Star Rod powerup.

Exclusive Stickers

The following stickers can only be used by Captain Falcon:

  • Blue Falcon: [Specials: Direct] Attack + 3
  • Capt. Falcon (F-Zero): [Slash] Resistance +23
  • Capt. Falcon (F-Zero GX): [Arm, Leg] Attack + 8
  • Capt. Falcon (F-Zero X): [Specials: Direct] Attack +19
  • Gomar & Shioh: [Specials: Direct] Attack +10
  • Samurai Goroh:[Arm] Attack +18

Role in the Subspace Emissary

In Subspace Emissary, Captain Falcon will team up with Captain Olimar and his Pikmin. When Olimar sends his Pikmin to attack a giant ROB, it wakes up the robot, causing it to shake off the Pikmin. Luckily, Captain Falcon drives his F-Zero machine straight towards them, jumps out in mid-motion, and Falcon Punches the ROB, thus destroying it and, upon landing, Olimar's remaining Pikmin (except for 1 red Pikmin.). Once the two get out of the forest, they find a Primid transport platform that is holding the trophied DK hostage. The two watch as Diddy Kong falls from Falco's Arwing, and fires peanuts at the ship. After Diddy Kong revives DK, Captain Falcon grabs Olimar, and jumps off the ledge and onto the ship. Then the four must fight off a horde of Primids. Afterwards, the ship will take them into the secret Subspace HQ, where they will meet up with Samus, Pikachu, and, eventually, a friendly ROB.

After fighting off a large army comprising of various Subspace troops with the others, the heroes are unable to stop the ROBs which arm the last remaining Subspace bombs. Captain Falcon presses a few buttons on his wrist, summoning his ship, the Falcon Flyer. Everyone piles into the ship and prepares to escape the doomed base when they are attacked from behind by Meta Ridley. After defeating the monster, they escape the floating island where a giant explosion of subspace engulfs the island. (In fact, the explosion is so fatal, the island doesn't return to normal even after Tabuu is beaten. Instead, a light -shaped like an "X"- is in its place.) Captain Falcon joins with the other heroes and uses his ship to help in the assault on the Subspace Battleship. He continues to help throughout the rest of the story.

Towards the end, Captain Falcon and everyone else glimpse Tabuu. In a single, devastating act, Tabuu turns everyone into trophies. All are brought back to life due to the Dedede Badges and efforts of Kirby, Luigi, Ness, and Dedede. With the aid of Sonic, Tabuu becomes vulnerable, and a final battle between the characters and Tabuu begins. The player may pick Captain Falcon to fight Tabuu.

Single Player Event Matches

  • Event 23: Molten Norfair- As Samus survive against Fox & Captain Falcon and reach the safety capsule first.
  • Description: Get inside the safety capsule before your foes to survive the lava of Norfair.
  • Event 24: Come On! Blue Falcon!- As Captain Falcon, you must KO your enemy with your Final Smash.
  • Description: Dawdle too much and the race will end! Ride the Blue Falcon to victory!
  • Event 29: All Star Semifinal Regulars- KO Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness and Jigglypuff.
  • Description: Four hidden characters from the past games! They're secret perfect attendees.
  • Event 36: High-Tech Special Forces- Play as Snake and fight against Samus, Captain Falcon, and Wolf on Shadow Moses Island.
  • Description: Colonel: Snake. Intel shows FOXHOUND has hired three bounty hunters to kill you.

Co-Op Event Matches

  • Event 12: Come Back! Falcon Flyer!- As Captain Falcon and Olimar, you must KO two Samus in 30 seconds.
  • Description: Land the final blow before the Falcon Flyer leaves... in about 30 seconds!
  • Event 21: The Real All Star Brawl- Select your character and take on the entire roster on Battlefield.
  • Description: Fight everyone without any breaks! It's endless, but a suitable final battle.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack - Punches twice, then knees, which then follows by a series of one-handed punches. Does about 4% damage on first two hits. About 5% on next then 1% for every hit after that.
  • Dash Attack - Shoulder blocks. Quick and powerful. Does about 9-12% damage.
  • Strong Side - Roundhouse kick. Does about 7-10% damage.
  • Strong Up - An Axe kick with horizontal knockback. Does about 10-13% damage.
  • Strong Down - Does a sweep kick with vertical knockback Does about 9-12%.


  • Side Smash - Rears back and elbows forward. Uncharged it does 14-16% damage.. Fully charged it does 23-25% damage.
  • Up Smash - Kicks into the air. First kick does 10-11% damage. Second hit does 10-12%. Fully charged does about 26% damage!
  • Down Smash -Kick forward then backward with great horizontal knockback. About 12-15% damage on both kicks. When charged does about 25% damage!


  • Ledge attack -
  • 100% Ledge attack -
  • Floor attack -
  • Trip attack -

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Kicks horizontally twice.
  • Forward Aerial - Knees forward (also called 'the Falcon-Knee'). One of the best horizontal killers. 3% damage, 19% when sweetspotted.
  • Back Aerial - Punches backwards (called 'race driver-backhand').
  • Up Aerial - Kick flips.
  • Down Aerial - The Stomp. Stomps downward. This is a powerful spike when sweetspotted.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel - Knees the enemy in the groin/gut
  • Forward Throw - Punches the enemy in the gut and sends them forward.
  • Back Throw - Puts the enemy behind him and kicks them in the stomach.
  • Up Throw -Holds the enemy up and punches them upward with his left hand.
  • Down Throw - Flips opponent and throws them on the ground.

Special Moves


Trophy Description

A skilled F-Zero pilot and resourceful bounty hunter. All that's known of his past is that he hails from Port Town. He's won fame and fortune outracing his opponents in his beloved Blue Falcon. His incredible athleticism and never-say-die attitude makes him the pilot to turn to in times of trouble.

Special Movements


Up: Crouches and flames appear on his back.

Side: Jabs hand out and motions for opponent to come, saying "Come on!".

Down: (Facing right) Salutes and says "Show me your moves!" (Same as both previous games)

Down: (Facing Left) Pseudo salutes in a relaxed pose and says "Show me your moves!" similar to above.

On-Screen Appearance

Jumps out of his F-Zero racer, the Blue Falcon.

Idle Stance

Makes a quick fighter stance.

Victory Pose

Victory Theme: F-Zero GX Theme

  • Does three consecutive roundhouse kicks
  • Two jump kicks
  • Charges up red energy

Wii Remote Choice

Does his posing yell from the "Kneeling" victory pose from Melee.

Credits Music

  • Fire Field


  • One of five characters to speak in Subspace Emissary, in which he says, "Come on!" and snaps his fingers as he summons the Falcon Flyer. In a much earlier cutscene, he calls out "Falcon Punch", as he does in SSB64, while using the attack of the same name on a giant R.O.B. Out of all the speaking roles, he is one of the two characters that uses a full sentence when making the command "Come on!", the other being Snake.
  • Unlike Ness, Luigi, and Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon was not leaked before the game came out in Japan. Ness & Jigglypuff were leaked via sticker screenshot. Luigi was leaked as a playable character by a staff worker at E-For All. However, Falcon was not mentioned until the massive leak of the character selection screen, followed by Japan's release of Brawl.
  • The Red Fighting Alloy resembles Falcon and has the same moveset.
  • Only character with a true cinematic Final Smash
  • Captain Falcon, along with Mr. Game & Watch and Meta Knight are the only ones that don't have a Final Smash where it first zooms in to the character.
  • When Captain Falcon breaks a Smash Ball, if the B button is imediately pressed, the Falcon Punch can be preformed
  • Falcon is the only character who has six costumes through every game.
  • Captain Falcon is one of the four that has a holstered weapon but does not use it at all. The others are Ganondorf, Snake and Sheik.

Snake's Codec

Snake: Hey! That's Captain Falcon, isn't it?

Otacon: Good eye, Snake! He's F-Zero pilot number 07!

Snake: You know, seeing Captain Falcon here reminds me... We should do that thing we've always wanted to try.

Otacon: Ohhhh yeah! That thing! Good idea! OK, ready? Go!

Snake: Falcon Puuuunch!!

Otacon: Falcon Kiiiiiiick!!

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