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The Cape Glitch is a glitch performable by Mario in SSBM and SSBB.

How to Perform

The glitch requires two characters, one of whom must be Mario. When the other character (the one who isn't Mario) is about to sweetspot the ledge, use Mario's cape to turn him or her around. The other character will go into a ledge grab animation in the opposite direction. The glitch will end if they fall, attack, etc.

Characters this Glitch is Performable with

Stages this Glitch is Performable on

  • All besides Summit (because every stage has at least one platform).


The glitch does not seem to have any useful properties in competitive, or for that matter, casual gameplay. The glitch itself does not inhibit the recovering character in any way because it only visually turns them around. The glitch could have uses as a simple mindgame, by performing the glitch then taking advantage of the temporarily confused enemy. However it could not be performed effectively as other mindgames, as it is not an incredibly crippling amount of time that the other player is confused for.


SSBB Mario Cape Bug

SSBB Mario Cape Bug

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