Cannon Uppercut (キャノンジャンプパンチ) is one of Mii Gunner's Up Special Moves. It performs an uppercut using the blast force caused by firing their cannon at their feet. It has a Meteor Smash effect. If close enough to the opponent they will be hit by both the blast and the uppercut.

In Ultimate, it was reworked into Cannon Jump Kick, it's the same move overall, But with a kick instead of an uppercut.



  • Good damage output when both hits connect
  • Good kill move
  • Has a meteor smash effect, making it easier to stop foes from recovering and for easy KO's


  • Lackluster recovery height

Cannon Uppercut is a move for players that like an up special made to damage and kill opponents. Unfortunately, the move has poor recovery height for these reasons; the move trades out recovery for damage and kill power.

Mii Gunner's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Charge Blast
Laser Blaze
Grenade Launch
Side Special Flame Pillar
Stealth Burst
Gunner Missile
Up Special Lunar Launch
Cannon Uppercut Cannon Jump Kick
Arm Rocket
Down Special Echo Reflector
Bomb Drop
Absorbing Vortex
Final Smash Full Blast