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A typical CD Factory in action

A CD Factory is a custom stage built to gain Stickers, Trophies and, of course, CDs. The "Factory" can literally be any custom stage, but most formats require conveyor belts to be a success. A CD Factory allows one to quickly collect Stickers, trophies, and CDs by using conveyor belts and Sandbag's ability to give out rare collectibles (stickers and CDs). It works because if Sandbag is the only item enabled, then the only items it can drop are Stickers and CDs, which cannot be toggled via the item switch.

How to make one

There are many ways to make a CD Factory. Here is one way:

  1. Enter Stage Builder, and ensure the disponibility of the conveyor belt stage piece (it comes with Edit Parts B, which are unlocked by building five stages).
  2. Build a small stage and two large sized conveyor belts down starting from the bottom right side, and the second connected to it in the middle right. Build a medium-sized block at the bottom left of the map so that the bottom is completely covered.
  3. Place a large conveyor belt two spaces above the medium-sized block, and reverse its direction. Test out the level, and make sure that all of the conveyor belts lead inward, and don't push characters off the stage.

Then, play on this stage, and turn every item off except for the Sandbag. Use a character with a strong, spammable neutral A combo like Kirby, Pikachu, Ike, or Meta Knight. If a controller with a turbo function is available, Bowser is also an excellent choice as it is possible to get a CD about every 45 seconds with his neutral A. Choose a character, then proceed to hit the Sandbags as they come. Pick up any dropped stickers and CDs, but be quick with CDs as they disappear quickly. In addition to these, there are a lot of other ways to make a Factory. Keep in mind that the Sandbag will have to be hit hard and quickly for this to work. Also keep in mind to limit the treasure hunting as the Sticker counter will reset after an as-of-now unknown limit (presumably 255) leaving none of the stickers toiled to obtain.

However, this design is relatively inconvenient for one player to use, in that ungatherable stickers and CDs may fall on the extra block. The small size also limits the available surface area for item spawning. The most efficient Sticker Factory to date is created as follows:

  1. Use the largest available custom stage template.
  2. About halfway up the available space, place a line of conveyor belts, all leading into the center. Alter the size of some of them to get maximum horizontal space, but it's best to use as many of the very large size conveyors as possible.
  3. Directly above the center of the conveyor belts, to which all things on the map should be pulled, place another large conveyor belt. Its direction is irrelevant, since either side of the main platform rolls things to the center.
  4. Below one of the sides of the main conveying platform, place several ladder pieces that are easily accessible from the main stage area.
  5. Turn all items off except Sandbag, and turn the frequency to High.
  6. Enter "Special Brawl". Turn the speed to Fast and the gravity to Heavy.
  7. Make Player One a character with a fast, spammable, vertical-knockback Up tilt - Mario, King Dedede, and Marth are good choices.

    High efficiency CD Factory

  8. Make Player Two a floaty character that can easily reach the ladder under the stage - Pit or R.O.B. are perfect.
  9. When the match begins, move Player Two to the ladder, out of the way. This storage area keeps them from getting beaten up while Player One gathers stickers and CDs, but doesn't create a needless block that wastes an item spawn point.
  10. Let Player One get pulled to the center. As Sandbags are pulled toward them, use their Up tilt to repeatedly hammer them, stopping only to gather the fallen items.
  11. The conveyor directly above the center keeps the sandbags from flying up too high, allowing to continually pummel them without wasting time. Any items that spawn on top of it are pulled off onto the main platform, then pulled directly to Player One.
  12. The high gravity makes the bags and items fall faster, so they can be hit more often for more reward. The high speed simply improves the overall time-efficiency of the system.
  13. Extra vertically-placed conveyors are a possibility, but if it takes too long for the spawned items to reach Player One, they may disappear before they can be collected. This is especially true of CDs.

Two-Player CD Factory

  1. Use the largest available custom stage template.
  2. Build two large (3 or 4 squares each) conveyor belts that face toward each other, (The left one goes right and the right one goes left)
  3. Right over the place where the two conveyor belts meet, build two (2 squares each) conveyor belts going in opposite directions. (The left one goes left, the right one goes right)
  4. At the right and left edges of the bottom conveyor belts, build walls. On the tops of the walls, put small (1 square) conveyor belts so sandbags will be moved to the bottom one.

    The basic layout of a 2-Player CD Factory

  5. Go to "Brawl" and set the following rules:
    1. Free For All with four players.
    2. 3 stock - This is suggested so the sticker count limit is not reached and all collected stickers are lost.
    3. Turn off all items other than Sandbags and Smash Balls, and set the spawn rate to High.
  6. Begin the Brawl.
  7. Everyone pile up in the little central area where all the sandbags should go. Since everyone is fighting there (theoretically), the sandbags will take massive damage. The small conveyor belt above will prevent them from flying far into the air.
  8. When the smash ball appears, get it (obviously). Then, run back and forth along the bottom conveyor belts and break open the Sandbags. The Sandbags will spew up a bunch of stickers and CDs, which will all pile up in the very center. Collect the items, or have a friend do it.

Hacked CD factory

By using Stage Studio or Ocarina hacks, it is possible to overlap conveyor belts causing them to move faster, making a more efficient CD factory.

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