Button Mashing is a technique in the Super Smash Bros. series. It involves rapidly pressing buttons to escape certain attacks, such as grabs, Kirby's and King Dedede's Inhale, Yoshi's Egg Lay, and Freezies. It can be also be used to achieve a higher effect of some special moves. The buttons used vary between moves.

Grabs/Inhale/Chomp/Flying Slam

To break out of moves such as grabs, Kirby's and King Dedede's Inhale, Wario's Chomp, and Bowser's Flying Slam/Koopa Klaw, quickly mash the Attack button. After a certain amount of time, the character will break free. Characters with more damage will find it harder to break free. If the attacker has a lot of damage, he/she will have trouble holding on to the opponent.

Egg Lay/Freezie/Pitfall

To escape from effects such as Stun, Yoshi's Egg Lay, a Freezie, or a Pitfall, rapidly press the up and down buttons on the D-pad or tilt the Control Stick up and down. It can also be used to shake off a flower from a Lip's Stick.

Rapid Attacks

Button Mashing can also refer to rapidly pressing a certain button to achieve a higher effect. Examples include:

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