Burning Knuckle is Terry's forward Side Special Move. For the first time in the Super Smash Bros. series, this move can only be used by inputting forward special, with Crack Shoot being used by inputting backward special.


Terry leaps forward with a fist outstretched covered in blue flames. Doing the input will make Terry use a stronger version of the attack. As a recovery move, Burning Knuckle covers good horizontal distance, but if Terry is facing away from the stage, then the player has to be careful to reverse the direction of the move since Burning Knuckle and Crack Shoot both move Terry forward.


Burning Knuckle has been part of Terry's moveset from the very start of the Fatal Fury series. In the first game, judicious use of this move could overcome the normally very difficult Geese Howard.

In Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Terry's young protege Rock Howard possessed a similar attack called Shining Knuckle as one of his Desperation Moves. In the same game, Terry would instead simply shout "Burning!" instead of the move's name.

Terry Bogard's Special Moves
Standard Special Power Wave
Side Special Burning Knuckle/Crack Shoot
Up Special Rising Tackle
Down Special Power Dunk
Super Special Power Geyser/Buster Wolf
Final Smash Triple Wolf