Donkey Kong buried in the ground.

Buried is a state that characters enter under various circumstances, including being hit by Donkey Kong's Headbutt move and being affected by a Pitfall. In this state, controls are disabled until it wears off. Characters can only be buried if already touching the ground. All these moves (except Togepi's) are meteor smashes if the foe is in the air.

Causes of Burying

  • Donkey Kong's Headbutt - When Donkey Kong uses its Forward B attack on a grounded opponent, they will be stuck in the ground for a brief moment.
  • Giga Bowser's dash attack and down tilt - These moves can sometimes slam foes into the earth.
  • Pitfall - This item will cause characters to become buried if it is thrown.
  • Togepi's Earthquake - One of the moves that Togepi can use with its Metronome move is Earthquake. When Earthquake is used, all other characters in the radius of Earthquake will be buried.
  • Metagross's Meteor Mash - It slams a claw in the ground. Any opponent caught in the shockwave is buried in the ground and takes heavy damage.
  • Waluigi's stomping - When Waluigi appears on the field as an Assist Trophy, he will target one character and stomp them into the ground, resulting in a buried state. The player remains in this state as Waluigi continues to stomp, and is released when Waluigi delivers a finishing blow.
  • Olimar's End of Day: When Olimar enters his ship at the beginning of the attack, any grounded enemies touching the ship will be buried.
  • Beast Ganon: When Ganondorf first transforms, characters touching him will be buried.
  • Giga Bowser (Final Smash): Certain moves such as his grab and down throw can bury other opponents unfortunate enough to be close by. Other moves can bury oponents as well.
  • Ticken's crush attack.
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