Bullet Climax (バレットクライマックス, Bullet Climax) is Bayonetta's Neutral Special Move. She fires her guns forward, at a slight upward angle either from her hand guns or heels. The move can be charged for slightly increased damage, knockback and hitstun.


Bayonetta will fire from either hand guns or heels; she alternates between poses each time it is used, which doesn't affect the move, angle or attack power, being purely aesthetic.

The attack can be held to charge up and deal more damage; however, the shots cannot be stored. While charging, Bayonetta can cancel the move by shielding, spot dodging, rolling or air dodging. The move can otherwise be held indefinitely before firing. She can fire up to eight times, with a minimum of two times, however only the first two rounds can be charged.

Unlike her Bullet Arts, this attack deals hitstun and minimal knockback, and the bullets can be seen, meaning that they can be reflected/pocketed/nullified like other projectiles. However, they also have transcending priority, meaning they do not clash with other projectiles or attacks.

Bayonetta's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Bullet Climax
Side Special Heel Slide/After Burner Kick
Up Special Witch Twist
Down Special Witch Time
Final Smash Infernal Climax


In the original Bayonetta and its sequel, Bayonetta can fire her guns at any time with the Action Button, regardless of which weapons are equipped on her arms or legs. This attack is mainly done to preserve the score multiplier in between combos, as well as picking off enemies from a distance. Bayonetta is capable of walking and jumping while firing her guns. The actual Bullet Climax technique varies based on which weapons are equipped, with Bayonetta being able to manually aim her guns from a third person shooter perspective if she is wielding any.

Charge Bullet is an upgrade in Bayonetta 2, where Bayonetta can charge her bullets for more damage. However, the upgrade only applies to simply firing the guns, and not to the Bullet Climax ability.