A Buckot (ボトロン, Botron in Japan) is an enemy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode. It has a small robotic head with small arms and a propeller on the top to propel itself, and a bucket filled with hot metal chunks and thick gloves to keep itself from getting burned. A Buckot attacks players by dropping hot metal chunks above them. A Buckot can get quite annoying as it keeps dropping hot metal chunks above you, which can deal about 10% damage and low knockback each for 4-5 hits, while contact with the bucket deals higher damage plus higher knockback. To turn a Buckot into a trophy, use your Trophy Stand upwards after its finished dropping metal chunks. A Buckot does not need weakening. Sometimes, the Buckot will drop a Ray Gun, Super Scope or even a Maxim Tomato along with hot metal chunks.

Name origin

Buckot's name is a combination of the words bucket and hot, being that it uses a bucket to drop heated bricks on the player.

Trophy Description

An enemy with arms and a propeller attached to its head that it uses itself through the sky. It has a justified reputation as a dangerous dude with a bucket filled with red-hot iron chunks for dumping on folks. Some say that the phrase "Drop it like it's hot!" came from Buckot's firm belief in dropping scalding metal chunks. Good thing it has thick gloves.