A Bucculus Trophy.

A Bucculus is an enemy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode. A Bucculus looks like a plant with red lips and a purple poison zone on the back that looks like a strawberry. It appears as lips on the ground. If one goes near it, it will pop up and attack by kissing the player, filling up its poison zone and causing damage. If a Bucculus misses its grab attack, it will bounce around. After a few seconds, it will plant itself again. If a Bucculus with a full poison zone is killed, it will most likely drop a Maxim Tomato. It can also drop Food otherwise. To turn a Bucculus into a trophy, use a Trophy Stand while it is bouncing around; be careful though, it can dodge it. You do not need to weaken a Bucculus to turn it into a trophy. It's possible it's based on Leap, an enemy from the Kirby series.

Trophy Description

A Subspace Army enemy found firmly planted in the ground, with only its lips showing. These lips, by the way, are covered with spikes that stick in its victim to... (Get this!)...suck out vitality. Basically, this results in serious damage. The torso area has a poison zone where it stores vitality. The Bucculus not only looks offensive-- boy, it's rotten to the core.

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