A Bucculus (ブチュルス Buchurusu) is an enemy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode, and first appears in the The Lake level. A Bucculus looks like a plant with large, red spiky lips and a purple poison zone on the back that looks like a strawberry. It appears as lips on the ground. If one goes near it, it will pop up making cartoon-like "boing" noises and kiss the player, filling up its poison zone and causing damage. It will kiss the player in the arm making kissing noises and slash the player 3 times each second before doing a slash let go. The player can be free from the kiss early to take less damage. If a Bucculus misses its kiss, it will bounce around. After a few seconds, it will plant itself again and pop up again to try to kiss the player when approached. If a Bucculus with a full poison zone is killed, it will most likely drop a Maxim Tomato. It can also drop Food otherwise.

The difficulty changes how the Bucculus moves and damage is increased at higher difficulties, easy being slow and intense makes them move very fast that they can outrun the player.

Difficulty and damage chart: (Does not include Slash Resistance)

Easy: Slow Movement, Kiss Slash: 10 (11 in "The Great Maze and subspace II) Kiss Finish: 2 (3)

Normal: Slightly Faster than Easy, Kiss Slash: 12 (13) Kiss Finish: 3(4)

Hard: Medium movement: Kiss Slash: 13(14) Kiss Finish: 4(5)

Very Hard: Fast Movement: Kiss Slash: 14(15) Kiss Finish: 5(6)

Intense: Very Fast Movement: Kiss Slash: 16(17) Kiss Finish: 6(7)

Trophy description

A Subspace Army enemy found firmly planted in the ground, with only its lips showing. These lips, by the way, are covered with spikes that stick in its victim to... (Get this!)...suck out vitality. Basically, this results in serious damage. The torso area has a poison zone where it stores vitality. The Bucculus not only looks offensive-- boy, it's rotten to the core.


  • This monster may be based on the Succubus, a mythological monster from medieval times, a demon who seduced men to steal their life energy.
    • Bucculus may also based on Leap, an enemy from the Kirby series. However, Leap hovers off the ground with wings.
  • Interestingly, Bowser can't get damaged by a Bucculus. The Bucculus will be on Bowser's nose and only the kissing sound and a cling will be heard. However, if he jumps over one he can get damaged. A similar effect occurs when a Mushroom-enhanced player approaches a Bucculus.
  • When a Bucculus sucks a character's vitality, it makes a slashing sound effect and does this for 3 times before letting the player go with a slash kiss finish.
  • The bucculus gets knocked back after it finishes kissing the player.
  • Unlike most enemies, when the Bucculus lets go of the player after short time of kissing them, the player gets knocked back in the same short distance no matter how much damage they taken, so these aren't a threat to killing the player.
  • Having enough flinch resistance can make you not get knocked back in the air after the bucculus frees you from the kiss and instead makes you step back like a normal grab if held too long.
  • Strangely in some places like "The Great Maze" or "Subspace II", bucculus deal 1 more damage than they do in places like "The Forest" or "The Lake" at the same difficulty.
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